11 UX/UI tools every designer needs in 2022

If you are out in the market looking for the best UX/UI design tools, we got you covered!

Whether you are designing a flawless user experience or just testing a feature, the right design tool can simplify your UX/UI design process. It can help you create the product/service your customers would love to use.

But with so many options available, finding the right tool that suits your requirements and budget can be tricky.

So, we have scoured the internet to compile the list of best UX/UI design tools in one place. 

Let’s dive in!


Top 11 tools to increase your productivity as a UX/UI designer in 2022


1. Sketch

Did you know that almost every design that amazed you in the past decade has some Sketch in it?

Sketch is a UI and UX-based design platform for creating, prototyping, and collaborating on designs.

This tool is perfect for Product and User Experience designers who operate on macOS.


2. Adobe XD 

If you have already used Photoshop and Illustrator, you would love Adobe XD. 

Adobe XD works on every operating system, such as iOS and Android.

This is the perfect tool for product and UX designers to prototype and collaborate in real-time.


3. Qualaroo

Before your wireframing and designing process starts, you need to conduct research. 

Feedback software like Qualaroo can help you with just that. It supports user-focused UI and UX design research.

You can create surveys and test your prototypes to understand the essential UX and UI elements your product lacks.


4. Origami Studio 

Did you know that Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are built-in Origami? Yes, it’s for sure one of the best design prototyping tools. 

Origami Studio allows you to design with layers, reuse components, build interactions and preview your prototype on your mobile device.

This tool is perfect for mobile app designers.


5. Webflow

If you are not a big fan of coding, Webflow lets you skip the coding part. 

This tool helps designers launch blogs, product websites, landing pages, and even e-commerce stores without much coding.


6. Figma

If you are searching for a complete solution for brainstorming, creating product designs, interactive prototypes, and collaboration, Figma is a suitable tool for you.

You don’t need to have the advanced design knowledge to use Figma. The tool has a very intuitive and clean UI.


7. Invision

Invision is the ideal tool for rapid prototyping. Using the hotspot feature lets you create powerful and interactive hi-fi prototypes for mobile and web.

Invision lets you quickly produce design layouts with embedded assets ready for developer handoff. 


8. Mockflow

No matter if you need simple wireframes or high fidelity prototypes that look like the actual product – Mockflow does it all. 

It is a wireframing tool with various options like a UI prototype, UX storyboarding, heatmaps, change log creator, and much more.

It’s the perfect tool for creating wireframes, sitemaps, lo-fi paper prototyping, hi-fi interactive prototypes, etc.


9. Marvel

If you are looking for a free web and app prototyping tool, your search stops here. 

Marvel enables you to handle the entire design process and build your products faster in one single place. 

With an intuitive interface, you can go from wireframing to hi-fi interactive prototyping in a matter of minutes.


10. UXPin

UXPin is another full stack UX platform which supports you from end-to-end in your design process, and specializes in creating high-fidelity interactive prototypes.


11. Proto.io

If you are looking for a flexible prototyping tool that can benefit a wide range of teams like designers, product managers, marketers, and individuals, Proto.io can lend you a hand.

It has never been simpler to create static wireframes and hi-fi interactive prototypes without writing a single piece of code (just drag-and-drop).

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