Inside the Brainster Community: February 2021

Welcome to the Brainster monthly newsletter!

After January (was it 3 months long?), came a sunny and productive February that propelled our team in a properly efficient sprint.

All systems launched – the spring semester in Brainster is almost here. These are the highlights of the month:


Brainster Book Club choice: How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)


For this month, we chose to read a masterpiece written in 1937 – a book on the topic of human relations. How to communicate effectively? How to have more empathy for the interlocutor? How to build better relationships with people surrounding us? We made the book choice at the beginning of 2021 – to refresh our perspective, to be a better team, and to better serve our students. What should we read next? Give your recommendations in the comments below.


A new and free webinar with Vienna-based Angeliki

We love challenging the status quo and having mind-bending experiences. That is why we’d like to share a high-quality lecture with the Brainster community on the topic of ABSURD DESIGN. Finding beauty in the ugly is sometimes more impactful than beauty itself. 

Angeliki Angeletou is a Vienna-based designer and an experienced workshop facilitator. Join her lecture on Thursday (04.03.2021) at 18:00 CET and tap into the concept of absurd design.

ux webinar

Our UX design Bootcamp got stronger

We are happy to announce our newest instructor on the Bootcamp – Gorjan Jovanovski. Ex Booking.com, founder of AirCare and an international speaker – Gorjan is a senior designer and an entrepreneur that has much experience in the field of UX design. Get to know him!

Meet Gorjan | Founder of AirCare & UX/UI Design Bootcamp Instructor

We launched a career & personality test

After spending 5+ years educating eager young people who want to thrive, we learned that one thing is for sure – everyone grows with their own pace! Making a career choice is not easy, and that is why we created a test that can help people make a decision. Try it out.

Why should you spend more time on career guidance?

Anja Pecnik is the student of the month

Anja is a Zagreb-based psychologist turned Data Scientist. She’s been chosen as the most proactive Bootcamp participant by her instructors, and we can not be more proud. Read about her experience. 

Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Our Barketing team is stronger than ever

The Brainster team that you’ve probably never heard of, but yet, it’s the most dedicated and hard-working team of all. Meet Otto, Mars, Joy, and Olly – the Brainster Barketing Team. 



See you next month!

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