Aleksandar from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at Ryaktive

Aleksander from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at Ryaktive

As the presentation of the final students’ projects of the Data Science Bootcamp finished, the first employment arrived.

At the beginning of last month, we organized several sessions for interviews with the selected students with our hiring partner, the software development company Ryaktive.

Aleksandar Anastasov is one of the students who showed the best performance in Group 2. That is why he was proposed by our team as an ideal candidate for the position.

Considering that Aleksandar comes from the sales sector, without previous experience in working with data, it is really impressive how he imposed his quality and received an offer to work in the new profession for a renowned international company!

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Brainster: Aleksandar, a short summary for you would look like this one: in less than a year, you mastered the Bootcamp program, with top 3 performances in the group, 2-real projects in the portfolio and finally, employment as a Data Analyst in Ryaktive. How would you describe the experience, from your perspective?

Aleksandar: I still do not seem to be aware that all the things you have listed have happened to me and I am somehow waiting for someone to wake me up from this amazing dream. Joke aside, last year I can freely declare it as one of the most difficult but at the same time the most beautiful in my life.

A completely new experience. Entering a new world previously unknown to me, a new huge life challenge, a lot of work, many hours spent in front of a computer and sleepless nights, many full days that I enjoyed and that culminated in a few unforgettable moments as a reward for all the hard work and of course, a few new friendships that last a lifetime. And all thanks to Brainster.

Brainster: Besides a strong affinity for analytics and logical thinking, what other skills and predispositions have helped you to be so successful at the Data Science Bootcamp?

Aleksandar: Work, work and a lot of work.

Indeed, apart from some basic knowledge of Excel, I came to the Bootcamp without any prior knowledge in terms of programming, programming languages ​​or anything related to what is taught at the Bootcamp. But, in the end, it won my great desire and determination to succeed in my intention to finish the Bootcamp with full commitment and to prove to myself that I can do it.

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Brainster: How did you decide to move from Direct Sales Coordinator to a profession like Data Science?

Aleksandar: So in general, two things were crucial:

I would first like to mention my affinity for doing analysis and reporting in Excel. It has always been an integral part of me over the years in my working career and I have always wanted to learn something more and go much deeper into the world of analytics.

Second, for the future to come. World trends, the big changes that are happening and coming caused by digitalization and the era in which we live, and which increasingly depend on advanced computer skills, made me think much more seriously about the future and future professions that will survive in the market of labour.

Thus, they somehow naturally followed each other and the result is a big career change.

Aleksander from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at Ryaktive

Brainster: You were part of the winning team that worked on the Business Intelligence project for Macedonia 2025. Your final project was in the domain of Machine Learning, for our partners Renoon. How much practical experience gained on these projects has helped you in your professional progress, given that you are already employed as a Data Analyst?

Aleksandar: First of all, a huge thank you to Brainster, that in addition to the acquired Bootcamp knowledge, allowed us to work on real projects for real companies. And what companies! Macedonia2025 – a world-renowned foundation, and Renoon – a large European startup that collaborates with over 200 world-renowned fashion brands.

We will agree that such opportunities are not often obtained. The satisfaction with the result of both projects, for which we received comments that exceeded their expectations and which are already implemented, is simply indescribable in words.

The practical experience gained on these projects is certainly of great help. Here we most directly met working on a project with a deadline, teamwork, research, exchange of ideas and application of knowledge, division of responsibilities and daily collaboration, which is probably an integral part of the daily work of any Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

A big thanks to Brainster for their support and recommendation for getting my new job. It means a lot to me. At my new position as a Data Analyst, I will probably have many opportunities to apply the gained practical experience and improve myself professionally. Of course, this is my great wish and ultimate goal.

Brainster: The Data Science Bootcamp’s program is known as the most intensive in Brainster. Considering that you completed the training as one of the best students in the group, what is the recipe for the success of this Bootcamp?

Aleksandar: It takes first determination to succeed. A full commitment throughout the year, regular attendance at classes, a lot of work and many hours spent in the repetition of the studied material, many hours in research, in solving homework and tasks from the workshops we received every week. А cooperation and mutual support with other colleagues are needed, especially for those major projects such as the final project at the end of the Bootcamp.

I must also admit that one of the biggest benefits of online learning is the ability to review all the recorded classes of all the modules, that I attended at the Bootcamp. I could go back to some classes where the material was really difficult for overcoming, which of course helped me a lot personally.

Aleksander from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at Ryaktive

Brainster: Machine Learning can be said to be the focus module of the Bootcamp. This means a lot of programming in Python and working with a large assortment of libraries and algorithms. This is the most common reason for fear or caution towards Data Science. How justified do you think this fear of programming is?

Aleksandar: It is probably justified because there are many things to learn in a relatively short time, and it can seem quite scary before you start studying or during the study of the modules from the Bootcamp. But with enough commitment and perseverance, I sincerely believe that anyone with a desire to learn will learn, and in a few months will be able to write more complex codes and create Machine Learning models on their own.

In the end, it looks just amazing, how someone who had no previous knowledge or knowledge of Python or any other programming language, in just a few months can create a model that, for example, will recognize the colour of a particular piece of clothing on any displayed image.

Brainster: Can you briefly tell us how your workday goes?

Aleksandar: So in general, until recently my working day was completely dedicated and subordinated to the obligations of the Bootcamp. After I finished with it, new work responsibilities and a completely new work schedule started for me.

My workday starts at 8:00 am. It is quite intense and full. I have a lot of new things to learn and improve. I have a lot of tasks and projects in which I participate, but I must admit that the work completely fulfils me. After the working hours, I stay to complete all the assigned tasks for that or possibly the next day. I additionally devote time to research or study, and in the evening, besides spending with my family, I often like to walk and spend my 10,000 steps for that day.😊

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Brainster: Once again, Aleksandar, we wish you success and productivity in your new job. Finally, what advice do you have for people who are attending the Bootcamp or are interested in?

Aleksandar: Thank you very much. My message would be, to believe in yourself. To have a clear goal and vision, to be persistent and not to give up. Work hard, and the result and success, in the end, will be inevitable.

I assure them that the entire Brainster team will be here to help them on that path to success. They are all great professionals and work hard to accomplish their noble mission.

I hope that through my example, I will encourage all those who are thinking about a big career change, and who are a little sceptical or unsure that not having some foreknowledge could be an obstacle for them to finish the Bootcamp, that can still succeed. But it takes complete commitment, giving up a lot of everyday things and, as I mentioned, a lot of work.

Aleksander from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at Ryaktive

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