What is Business Intelligence? Transform data with the Power BI

What is business intelligence? Transform data with Power BI

Data is the source of power for companies, and nowadays we create more data than ever before.  “Data is the new oil,” they say. But this implies that both oil and data need to be refined to be valuable and useful. But collecting oceans of data is impractical if we do not understand the process […]

Career Guide – How to start your UX/UI Design career

By now, you’ve probably become one of Spotify’s 248 million monthly active users. You might even be one of its 113 million paying customers. Do you know why Spotify has so many users? And no, it’s not because you can find all your favorite songs there. Tons of other apps can offer you the same […]

Guest Blog: Why Should You First Analyze the Website Before Optimization

The Internet is the most significant discovery of our generation’s time. It transformed the world into a global village that became a place for people to reconnect, communicate, buy and sell, pay bills, and run errands. Even more, in the last two years, it became the world’s largest working place because many of the people […]


Career journey | Daniel Varga

Our participants’ stories are exceptional. Their career journeys are unique and instructional. That is why each month we will be revealing how they came about to decide on their career paths and what exactly determined the choices they made. The series is called Career Journey and it will offer you a short sneak peek into […]

Designing for People with Patricija Perše

Designing for People with Patricija Perse

On May 20th, we are hosting a free webinar on Web Accessibility Guidelines for UX/UI designers with Patricija Perše – Digital Art Director at Futura DDB Agency, Slovenia. The fact that designing within web accessibility standards has become mandatory in most western countries is only secondary to its importance to individuals, businesses and society in […]

How we run a successful UX/UI design hackathon?

On 27-28th March 2021, we had a great UX/UI Design hackathon, that successfully finished 🥳 The hackathon is an incubator for new product ideas. As a part of our Bootcamp, the students get to work together in teams, towards the same objective for a client. The challenging part is to come up with a solution […]

New project in the student’s portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

New project in the student's portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

At the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, working on real projects is a mandatory part of the program and a process that each of the students must go through. Through working on real projects for real clients, students learn from each other and have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and their creativity. The new challenge […]

Nikola: The UX/UI Design Bootcamp has fully met all my expectations!

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp has fully met all my expectations!

Besides that Nikola is a graduate musician, he is also a student at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp who decided to make a career change in one of the most in-demand and highest-paid professions today. With great ambition and commitment to the topic, Nikola even before finishing the Bootcamp, managed to get a job as a […]

Meet Gorjan | Founder of AirCare & UX/UI Design Bootcamp Instructor

Meet Gorjan | Founder of AirCare & UX/UI Design Bootcamp Instructor

Gorjan has been working in a great position, as a team leader at Booking.com in Amsterdam, but he decided to dedicate himself to his digital product – the AirCare application. He is also an activist and instructor at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp 🤘 We talked with Gorjan about the path a product takes from an idea […]