UX writing vs. UX design: How are they connected?

Do you remember the last time you experienced a great design, but there was lousy content surrounding it? That is why UX writing is essential! Still, this is one of the most overlooked aspects of UX design. The truth is: UX design can’t provide an enjoyable user experience alone and vice versa.  What is UX […]

5 Reasons Why User Experience Matters in 2022

Did you remember the last time you were shopping online and the website was so user-friendly and easy to navigate that you bought a few items more than planned? You can take some UX Designer for your breathtaking experience. 🙂 This is exactly what user experience (UX) is about (or you can call it customer […]

Inside the Brainster community – Highlights of the month

Hello May! The approach of summer is always associated with beautiful, carefree warm days filled with lots of free time. But believe it or not, summer may be the best time to make the desired career transformation or launch a new career. We challenge you not to miss the opportunity to use this summer to […]

5 reasons why UX design is a promising career for you

Are you dreaming about what a day in a new role would look like? You’re wondering if you have the “proper” background to begin working with something you’ve always enjoyed? It can be both disorienting and exhilarating to choose a new career path.  If UX Design is on your list of possible careers, you may […]

Inside the Brainster community – Highlights of the month

Spring brings us new beginnings! 🌱 It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life, so it is not surprising that many people are rethinking their future as a result of the changes in the world and technology. This month, we marked 2 years since the beginning of the global pandemic and […]

In UX design, everyone can contribute with their unique skillset and knowledge!

Meet Eva Herceg from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February. Eva is an excellent example that in every learning experience, the biggest value is the people who support you and learn with you along the way.    In this interview, Eva shares her motivation to keep going even though […]

It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life!

Meet Pavlina Kocheva from the Data Science Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February. She is a living example that it is never too late to start a new chapter in your professional life.    In this interview, Pavlina shares why Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp is challenging, dynamic, and never boring.    Tell […]

Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month / February 2022

Happy March, folks! Yes, February may be the shortest month of the year, but for us, it was full of successes, such as helping 20 people land the job of their dreams. Let this newsletter serve as a friendly reminder that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest (and we are always here to […]