Bootcamp financing – How to get reimbursed by your employer?

bootcamp financing

31% of all Brainster alumni are reimbursed by their employer for graduating a Bootcamp.

Doing good work for a company is a rewarding experience, and sometimes that reward comes in the form of education. If you don’t ask, the answer is always going to be no.

We compiled this guide to help you make the big ask. The most effective way to communicate your request is by showing the value in the form of ROI (return on investment). Adjust as necessary and go for it!


Working on real projects

Learning through the Brainster Bootcamps means following a project-based curriculum. After graduating, you’ll be able to take action towards improving or redefining company processes and practices. You’ll be able to transfer the skillset to your team at the company and bring fresh knowledge the company will benefit from. Here’s an example of Data Science projects.


Getting feedback from industry leaders

The Bootcamp instructors are immersed in the student experience. They are here to nudge and direct the students to reach maximum potential. Each student gets personalized feedback on their work.


Levelling up at speed

Rasing up to work challenges is something that the most ambitious employees do continuously. This can be accelerated with guided learning on a Bootcamp.



Each Bootcamp batch is comprised of 20 students that learn together in the course of a few months. At the end of each Bootcamps, students and instructors are a tight-knit group that keeps growing together.



To provide them with more information, share the brochures for the UX/UI Design Bootcamp and the Data Science Bootcamp or let our admissions manager help you and reach him out via [email protected]


Good luck!


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