Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month / November 2021

Happy December, everyone! 🎅🎄

As we leave 2021 behind, the idea of starting afresh may seem exceptionally welcome to many of us.  

Whether it is a career in UX/UI Design, or getting a promotion by diving deep into Data Science, it’s all about exploring the options that will make you satisfied with your career choice.

Spoiler alert: In November, we reached the number of 36 employed students that just confirms that career dreams can come true if you stay persistent and commit yourself to learning.


We have the articles to inspire you to start 2022 your way.


Is UX/UI Design a passion that you want to pursue in 2022?



Top 10 things we’ve learned from the panel discussion on Let’s Talk About UX: User-Centered Design

We have all heard thousand times that people’s experience is at the heart of every thriving design. But how does this work in practice? How can a designer be sure to develop a design that will catch users’ attention and convert them into customers?

Mitch Loewenherz, Martina Mitz, and Mihai Delapeta, prominent UX design experts, gave us the answer in our recent online panel discussion on Let’s Talk About UX: User-Centered Design. Read more



A complete UX/UI Design Guide: Everything you need to know to start a career in this field

Is the UX/UI job market still booming? What job roles are at your disposal? How to start learning the fundamentals of UX/UI while working on real-life projects? How to improve your chances of landing the job of your dreams? Read more



Interview with Nina Geometrieva: What does it look like to work in Google?

Nina is a self-taught designer from Skopje currently working for Google Maps in Tokyo. She is a winner of many prestigious global design awards and creator of viral designs with millions of views. Read more



Even when you fail, keep on trying and remain true to yourself

Slavomíra Galóová, our student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, is a true inspiration for all of us. Despite the challenges she faced while attending the lectures, she overcame failures easily, showing that everything is possible when you are true to yourself! Read more



From a passion for UX Design to becoming a UX/UI Specialist in only 7 months

Imagine that you have always had a passion for user-centric design, and a few months later, you land your dream job exactly in this field. This is what happened to Tea Požgajčić Prpić, our student at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp. Read more


Considering a career in Data Science and you need some inspiration?



Meet Jakub Struczynski – Student Of The Month

Some learning experiences may be challenging, but they prove their worth on the go. Learning Data Science is one of those journeys. Jakub Struczynski, a student at our Data Science Bootcamp, managed to go above and beyond and successfully overcome every challenge on the way. Read more


Is Full-Stack Web Coding your dream job?



Full-stack Web Coding Bootcamp: 4 reasons why you need to enroll today and how to do it

At this point, you probably wonder: What is the first step to take towards your goal? Should you start watching YouTube videos or enroll in a Full-stack Web Coding Bootcamp? If you want to build a comprehensive portfolio and land your dream job, we recommend you to join a Full-stack Web Coding Bootcamp. Read more



9 reasons to start learning JavaScript today

Let’s say you want to become a web developer. You are probably wondering what programming language you should learn first. Should you start with the easiest ones? Or the most useful ones? Or maybe both? We recommend you begin by learning JavaScript! Read more


Let’s hear what our hiring partners have to say…



Students at the beginning of their careers bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective

ATIS is a company where 40% of employees are students who have graduated from a Brainster Bootcamp. It’s a place with positive values ​​and culture and caring for its employees in a way that allows their personal and professional development. Read more



Jägermeister – Brainster’s new co-innovation partner

This blog post introduces our co-innovation partner – The Locals, the largest BTL marketing agency in Bulgaria that works with local and international brands such as Coca-Cola, Costa Cafe, Jägermeister, and others. Read more



Ryaktive – The new hiring partner of Brainster

Meet one of our first hiring partners – Husam Bamatrf, Founder and CEO of Ryaktive, a software development agency with central offices in Dubai. Husam has been one of our most devoted partners. He helped two of our students land a job in his company, which now has Skopje offices too. Read more


Join us to celebrate a milestone…



The Co-innovation & Hiring platform is celebrating a 6 month anniversary

Brainster’s co-innovation and hiring platform is celebrating its jubilee this month, and we have a lot to be proud of. The obsessive care for our students and partners for co-innovation and hiring in the past 6 months resulted in new collaborations and many employed students. Read more


That’s all, folks! 

Enjoy the last month of 2021 to its fullest, and don’t forget to prepare your bucket list for 2022 – we may help you fulfill some of the wishes with our Bootcamps 🙂

Until next time!

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