How we teach: The Brainster methodology

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If you’ve been wondering what can you expect when enrolling a Brainster Bootcamp, in this blog post you’ll find insights on the Brainster methodology. The Brainster teaching methodology is based on 5 principles:


1.Learning by doing


In an academic curriculum, students start learning theoretical knowledge before moving to applied topics. At Brainster, students go straight to the applicable part. Yes, we provide our students with loads of readable material. But we’re not here to supervise their reading. We’re here to facilitate learning and simulate a real working environment. This ensures our students that they can handle the same challenges in the workplace, having the right mindset and methodology to approach problems.

At the end of the day, even rocket science is something a person can learn. But how fast, and how good a person can advance in their field, is a matter of working smarter rather than harder. And working smarter is done by having a strong and wide knowledge base, the right skill set to execute on the challenges, and the right mindset to utilize the knowledge and tools. To let a Brainster student graduate, the instructing team wants to see real work, not just talk. Discover completed student projects from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, or the Data Science Bootcamp.

When it comes to career advancement, knowing something theoretically is different from having tried something. 


2.Mentoring by industry leaders


The Brainster Bootcamp participants are provided with mentoring sessions led by expert instructors – hand-picked professionals who specialize in the module they teach. These sessions are meant to encourage productive debate, raise questions, nudge the group, clarify strengths and main improvement points. The instructors are daily practitioners of the subject at hand, transferring the freshest knowledge to the group.


3.Peer to peer learning


Collaboration with peers is a concept invented aeons ago. Why is it productive? Because that is how humans are wired. We discover the world as a community, and we navigate through life along with our fellow peers. The Brainster Bootcamps enable students to work with peers on client projects, give each other feedback on individual tasks, and always challenge the status quo. They graduate Team-ready, having the experience to work in diverse and dynamic environments.


4.Live and moving curriculum


The Brainster Curriculums are live and moving, updated by the day. Our network of University professors, advisors, expert instructors, and curriculum contributors are on the front lines 24/7, ready to transfer it to the new generations.


Our curriculums are based on insights collected in the past 6 years, along with much testing, experimenting, adapting and tweaking. Group after group, student after student, evaluation sheet after another, we perfected our programmes and ways of work. We give a quality guarantee of our Bootcamps and commit to having 100% success with our graduates.


5.Continuous learning


At Brainster we believe that change is the only certain thing. That is why we created a continuous Learning programme after graduation. Besides having the Bootcamp lectures recorded, available for re-watching on our web app for students, the graduates have on-demand resources about the latest trends in the field, free webinars, book recommendations, tools, tricks, and more. 


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