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We live in an era where the global job market has a shortage of professionals fulfilling the most in-demand positions with the educational systems failing to produce them at the necessary pace.

We live in an era where the global job market has a shortage of professionals fulfilling the most in-demand positions with the educational systems failing to produce them at the necessary pace.

This trend has been so pervasive that it has been increasingly more relevant to develop specific skills faster rather than to spend several years in college to graduate into said professions.

This idea is touched upon in a recently published Forbe’s article where it’s suggested that it would be more efficient if businesses focus on enabling and upskilling employees on “specific tasks and activities, and not entire jobs”. This implies that the process of preparing employees for a new or existing skill is shorter, which in turn saves time and money for everyone. And this is where the EdTech industry comes in. 

For a while now, companies in this industry have offered a lifeline to the struggling job market by upskilling and creating a workforce ready to tackle the needs of contemporary companies. Additionally this, remote learning has allowed EdTech companies to operate in different countries and not be limited to a single place. 

During the 5 years since its inception, Brainster has been marking milestone after milestone. As it stands today, close to 10,000 alumni from 4 different countries have passed through its courses and academies, and with an impressive 80% employment rate of its graduates. 


Last week we marked our last milestone – the launch of our new Bootcamps in Digital Marketing, Full-stack Web Coding and Business Intelligence on the international market. 

The learning model is based on a flexible and structured learning experience for our students. Brainster’s modus operandi is continuous improvement, and these improvements are made based on in-depth analysis of our students and Bootcamp participants, whose requests we take very seriously. 

One of their main concerns has been scheduling issues. Many of them have to juggle work, life, and learning new skills. Therefore, the new Bootcamps introduce the learning experience which is Brainster’s latest innovation in trying to elevate the learning process to new heights. The Bootcamps and academies are organized in modules that consist of both self-paced courses and live classes.

The modules provide the students with flexibility, i.e. taking the self-paced courses whenever it fits in their schedule during the week, while at the same time maintaining structure because, at the end of each week, there is a live course that summarizes everything covered by self-paced courses and gives the student the opportunity to get in direct contact with the Bootcamp instructors. 

In terms of practical work, these Bootcamps will allow the students to learn a new competency by working on real-world projects that have been requested by real companies that are co-innovation partners of Brainster, all while being mentored by world-renowned instructors who will offer them advice, guidance and support on how to best learn and progress through the Bootcamp. 

And that’s not all. These Bootcamps also feature a separate module where students will be able to learn from HR experts and career coaches on how to prepare CVs, how to go through the application process, how to prepare for the job interview as well as how to demonstrate not only their newly acquired technical competencies but their soft skills. The idea is to provide the students with the full package, the full Brainster experience – from the introduction to the learning material, all the way to introduce them to potential hiring companies. 

In addition, the new Co-innovation & Hiring platform is in continuous contact with more than 300 companies in order to secure real-world experiences and employment for our students.

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