Guide: How to start your Vienna Data Science career

The average Data Science pay in Vienna is €43,542/year (Glassdoor)

This guide is compiled by the Brainster community – a network of 9000+ professionals and industry leaders – to help you navigate the landscape and become a Data Scientist 

Key takeaways from the guide

What is Data Science and what makes it relevant?

Why is working as a Data Scientist future-proof?

What does a Data Scientist do?

The background of a Data Scientist

Am I the right fit for this profession?

The skills of a Data Scientist

Data Science roles

Why should you pursue a Data Science role in Vienna?

What are some excellent Data Scientists to follow?

Which companies are hiring Data Scientists in Vienna?

All-in-one career guide from the Brainster community

On learning Data Science

Discover the 8-month remote, live Data Science Bootcamp by Brainster Vienna

Get the opportunity to gain a new skill set through working on real-life projects, a skill set on the “most wanted” list across various industries such as IT, Finance, Healthcare, Telco, Insurance, Urban planning, etc…

At the Bootcamp in Vienna, you will conquer the key domains in this field like:

🔹 Data Engineering in SQL
🔹 Data Analysis
🔹 Software Engineering in Python
🔹 Maths & Stats for Applied Machine Learning
🔹 Machine Learning and predictive models

🔹 Have hiring opportunities through our Hiring Partners
🔹 Build your own portfolio by working on real-life projects from our Learning Partners
🔹 Learn from industry leader instructors
🔹 Level up by working with our Career Coach
🔹 Gain T-shaped skills
🔹 Be able to connect with a network of 9.000+ digital professionals