Career journey | Daniel Varga

Our participants’ stories are exceptional. Their career journeys are unique and instructional.

That is why each month we will be revealing how they came about to decide on their career paths and what exactly determined the choices they made.

The series is called Career Journey and it will offer you a short sneak peek into the world of our participants, their struggles, and the decisions they made to overcome them. Their stories will empower you to reflect on your own decisions, take action, and change your life for the better. 

“During the pandemic, I had some free time, and then I saw Brainter’s Facebook ad about Data Science. It came at the right moment and I was impressed by the Brainster team and the whole setup.” – Daniel Varga

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Brainster: What were you doing before joining Brainster?

Daniel: I am from a middle-sized city in Hungary where I studied Environmental Engineering at one of the Universities. I moved to Austria 5 years ago, because my girlfriend lived there at that time, she is also from Hungary. Then we moved to Vienna later that year.

I had to find a job but I didn’t speak German at that time, so I found a job at McDonald’s where I could work with my English and because there were many Hungarians in there also. I started work in the kitchen, so language wasn’t a big issue.

So there I reached Crew Trainer level, now I am Part Shiftleader in the team. Also learning towards Shiftleader role.

In my free time, I am learning all the time, I am building up a Theory view. I am a volunteer developer in a small MMORPG. In that game, I am also a corporation leader, Fleet Commander. We are planning our wedding this year.

Then I found out about Brainster from a Facebook ad.

Brainster: What drew you to Data Science?

Daniel: I am a really curious person, and I originally learned Env. Engineering, so I have a good grasp in numbers. I improved my English and my knowledge in the digital space with my volunteering career.

Brainster: What made you choose Brainster?

Daniel: During the pandemic, I had some free time so I started to look at what I can do or learn, and then I saw Brainter’s Facebook ad about Data Science. It came at the right moment and I said “let’s try it out”. I was impressed by the Brainster team and the whole setup.” I was surprised how well the assessment procedure went. After that, I said OK, this would be a really good thing to do. So that’s how I started, I was impressed by the Brainster team and the whole setup.

Brainster: What is your biggest takeaway from the Bootcamp?

Daniel: Well, I am really grateful I started learning, the course is intensive and well organized. I like what I see so far, but I have to admit I would need a bit more time to be more effective but that’s just up to me if I can find more time. The Brainster team gave us everything to guide us and be successful later in the field.

Brainster: How would you describe your experience in the Bootcamp so far?

Daniel: I would say besides some starting problems I am really satisfied with the Bootcamp, we got all the materials and all the help from the team. It is really nice to work in small groups as well, more time for some individual needs. The lectures are intensive but that’s what we paid for. I like to meet other people as well to understand their stories, see their perspectives, so this is a good place to do that also, sadly we don’t have the chance to get to know each other more because most of us are working full time (Do we?). All in all, I am pretty happy I started the Bootcamp and invested in it – better to invest in yourself than anything else.

Brainster: What kind of remote support do the participants at Brainster receive?

Daniel: They are really open to any questions most of the time, you can ask them if you are stuck or just have a question, everyone is helpful so far.

Brainster: What advice would you give to others who are thinking about changing their career?

Daniel: Know yourself first, then choose a path you would like to take. In recent years there have been plenty of opportunities and there are plenty of sources on the internet to find something for yourself and do it!

Brainster: Why did you choose Brainster over the other Bootcamps?

Daniel: Well, actually I was satisfied with Brainster’s offer and didn’t really search that much for others, I trusted them! So, I am not sure how other Bootcamps may look like. I searched for some offers before I started at Brainster but not much.

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