Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Inside Brainster: Best of 2020 Some would say that 2020 was the grimmest year in our lifetime. This time last year, we were excited to enter the roaring twenties with a bang… We got a type of bang that turned the world upside down and confined us in our homes. A type of bang that no one expected. Despite this being an unbelievably challenging year, Brainster and its community have achieved the […]

Growing a Tech career in Slovenia

When people talk about Slovenia, they mostly refer to its beautiful nature and stunning tourist destinations. Yes, it’s one of the greenest countries in Europe and the perfect destination for nature lovers. However, Slovenia is also famous for many other things. For example, this year, there was a lot of buzz about establishing the UNESCO-supported […]

Growing a Tech Career in Croatia

Growing a Tech career in Croatia

Croatia is a Balkan country often seen as a tourism destination with its incredible Adriatic coastline and stunning landscapes. But, during the past few years, Croatia has emerged as a tech-driven economy.  Companies like Rimac, Include, Nanobit (Croatia’s first major startup exit), and Infobip (the first Croatian unicorn startup!), as well as entrepreneurial initiatives such […]

In the core of Data Science with Filip Nikolovski

In the core of Data Science with Filip Nikolovski

The wide scope of applied Data Science in almost all industries is mostly because of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Let’s go to the core of Data Science with Filip Nikolovski! This topic always sparks a debate revolving around the impressive opportunities these technologies offer, as well as their diversity and infinite potential. But, we […]

Lena Hödl from Female Founders on European entrepreneurship

Lena Hödl from Female Founders on European entrepreneurship

Today on the blog, we invited Lena Hödl from Female Founders Austria to will share some insights from the local startup scene and European Entrepreneurship. Read her full interview👇 Brainster: Female Founders is pushing female entrepreneurship in Europe. What are some up-to-date successes that you’re much proud of? Lena: Above all, the COVID crisis was a […]

Brainster is coming to Vienna

After helping 9000+ alumni graduate, 85% of students land a job, supporting 300+ hiring/learning partners, and hosting 120+ tech events — Brainster is open for business starting today.🎉 This marks a major milestone in the growth of our ecosystem and only the beginning of the 2020 expansion plans. We’re excited to start helping people future-proof their […]

Мy Brainster Remote Data Science Bootcamp Experience

Because they were the first group to start with interactive online classes, the students at the Data Science Bootcamp are for sure the most “experienced” ones and most adapted to this type of learning. Since it is formatted like it is, the program implementation dynamics and communication became even more intensive. Last week we had a […]

Women in Data Science: Martina and Gabriela

The Data Science Bootcamp group just finished the Stats & Maths module. After 6 weeks of solving problems, they are entering a process of integration of everything learned so far and they are getting ready for the transition into the Python module. Before closing up the ‘business’ part of the program, we asked for impressions […]

How to keep track in an industry that constantly changes?

How to keep track in an industry that constantly changes

The tech industry is a crazy place. One day, you’re on top, and then something new, better, and more effective shows up, and suddenly a skill you’re really good at is almost obsolete. Here are several ways you can identify and evolve with trends and stay relevant so you can keep track of an industry […]