It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life!

Meet Pavlina Kocheva from the Data Science Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February. She is a living example that it is never too late to start a new chapter in your professional life.    In this interview, Pavlina shares why Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp is challenging, dynamic, and never boring.    Tell […]

The time you spend learning is always valuable!

Developing her passion for learning Data Science helps her grow as a professional every day. Putting the knowledge into action just shows that she has chosen the right career path for her. Meet Ljupka Sakaliska from the Data Science Bootcamp – Student of the Month for January.   In this interview, Ljupka shares why she […]

Hard work and strong motivation helped me land the job of my dreams

Ambitious, determined, and data-driven. These are the words that best describe Bojan Karaica, our student at the Data Science Bootcamp. His hard work paid off because he now works as a Data Engineer for – an IBM iX company. In this interview, Bojan explains how Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp helped him land the job […]

Meet Jakub Struczynski – Student Of The Month

Some learning experiences may be challenging, but they prove their worth on the go. Learning Data Science is one of those journeys. Jakub Struczynski, a student at our Data Science Bootcamp, managed to go above and beyond and successfully overcome every challenge on the way.   How can a Data Science Bootcamp boost your problem-solving […]

Stefan from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at X3M Labs

Meet Stefan Serafimoski – our student from the Data Science Bootcamp. Stefan is one of those students who was 100% dedicated to the program and worked hard on real projects. Immediately after graduation, his work was rewarded with employment in the IT company X3M Labs as a Data Analyst.   We talked to Stefan about […]

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Meet Darya Romanova – student from the Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and Student of the Month for May 2021. “Darya was always willing to go the extra mile, demonstrating true commitment to the course and her desire to learn. Due to that, more than the Student of the Month award, she made consistent progress […]


Career journey | Daniel Varga

Our participants’ stories are exceptional. Their career journeys are unique and instructional. That is why each month we will be revealing how they came about to decide on their career paths and what exactly determined the choices they made. The series is called Career Journey and it will offer you a short sneak peek into […]