To get a new job or to start a whole new career?

You’ve been aware for some time now of the level of your professional dissatisfaction. Have you successfully recognized the reason behind it? Is it your company that needs to be changed? Or is it that you simply made a poor career choice? Should you get a new job or start a whole new career? Find […]

What makes a company worth working at?

What Makes A Company Worth Working At

Throughout your career, you’ll most likely change multiple work environments. You’ll go from dreadful to great but one thing is certain, at some point, you’ll understand the impact both the work environment and company culture have on your life. And finally, you’ll come to the conclusion that no matter how much money you earn, if you […]

Lessons for new entrepreneurs from the experienced

Lessons for new entrepreneurs from the experienced

Are you considering starting your own business, or maybe you already did? It doesn’t matter if you’re launching your own company or just changing your career in search of what suits you best. There’s one thing you should know — the startup world can be as complicated as it is exciting. Whichever of the above […]

5 red flags recruiters see in your CV

5 flags recruiters see in your cv

For an active job seeker, a CV is a verdict. There are many talented, capable professionals that can’t seem to present themselves in the right light because their CV and/or portfolio aren’t that well written, or give the wrong impression. You probably spend a lot of time working on your CV. Make it the right […]

Brainster Space: New home of the local Tech community

Brainster Space

Last Thursday, the Tech community in Skopje and wider got a new home — Brainster Space. And it is so much more than just that — it is the beginning of mutual progress and innovation for Tech companies and talents. Modern, urban, spacey (excuse the pun), futuristic… This new Tech hub is promising to be […]