5 Reasons Why User Experience Matters in 2022

Did you remember the last time you were shopping online and the website was so user-friendly and easy to navigate that you bought a few items more than planned? You can take some UX Designer for your breathtaking experience. 🙂 This is exactly what user experience (UX) is about (or you can call it customer […]

5 reasons why UX design is a promising career for you

Are you dreaming about what a day in a new role would look like? You’re wondering if you have the “proper” background to begin working with something you’ve always enjoyed? It can be both disorienting and exhilarating to choose a new career path.  If UX Design is on your list of possible careers, you may […]

Inside the Brainster community – Highlights of the month

Spring brings us new beginnings! 🌱 It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life, so it is not surprising that many people are rethinking their future as a result of the changes in the world and technology. This month, we marked 2 years since the beginning of the global pandemic and […]

In UX design, everyone can contribute with their unique skillset and knowledge!

Meet Eva Herceg from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February. Eva is an excellent example that in every learning experience, the biggest value is the people who support you and learn with you along the way.    In this interview, Eva shares her motivation to keep going even though […]

5 reasons why user experience is essential for SEO

The days of improving your rankings from backlinks and keyword stuffing are long gone. As the days pass by, search engines are getting smarter. They are shifting their focus to the user experience.  The explanation is simple: Good UX design improves website traffic, engagement, and, eventually, rankings. How did that happen? And what can you […]

4 psychology-based design hacks you need to know

What does Psychology have to do with UX Design? Is this the first thought that crossed your mind when you read this article’s title? If so, believe us – it has to do more than you think!   How are UX Design and Psychology connected? UX design and psychology have a long-term relationship, believe it […]

UI design: 3 simple rules you need to follow

Let’s stop for a moment and think of the last great website you landed on. Now, guess why it was so appealing? Was it the eye-catching images? Or the informative copy that appealed to your pain points? Probably not. It was far more likely that you were impressed by the website because you got something […]