How to give a killer presentation – Top 3 Ted Talks

Children, students, employees. The list of people who at some point in their lives will find themselves in front of the role of the speaker includes almost everyone. The trepidation and nervousness that can be present at the very thought of having to speak in front of an audience are completely expected. And, although many […]

How Virtual Reality is changing higher education

Do you want to visit the planet Mars, but without leaving the comfort of your student room? Do you want to go on an underwater trip without getting wet or going back to the time of World War II, but without a time machine? All of this may seem like a sci-fi movie, but with […]

The key to successful learning is balance between organization and self motivation

„Prepare to enter a whole new world of limitless ideas and possibilities – UX/UI is giving you the opportunity to learn on a daily basis, regardless the education background and previous working experience.“ This is the most valuable advice from our student Gracijela Maltašić to all those who plan to learn UX/UI Design in 2022. […]

Curiosity is the secret sauce to successful learning

„Take your time to read, listen and find your true interest in the UX. The more you get to know about it, the more interesting it gets“. This is the most valuable advice from our student Agnese Priekule-Sikavica to all those who plan to learn UX/UI Design in 2022.   In this interview, Agnese shares […]

11 UX/UI tools every designer needs in 2022

If you are out in the market looking for the best UX/UI design tools, we got you covered! Whether you are designing a flawless user experience or just testing a feature, the right design tool can simplify your UX/UI design process. It can help you create the product/service your customers would love to use. But […]

7 books that will make you a better UX/UI designer

Great UX/UI designers have one thing in common: They want to read books and apply new ideas in practice. If you want to become one of the best UX/UI designers in your niche, you must equip yourself with knowledge (there isn’t a shortcut). Don’t get us wrong – reading online blog articles on design is […]

UX writing vs. UX design: How are they connected?

Do you remember the last time you experienced a great design, but there was lousy content surrounding it? That is why UX writing is essential! Still, this is one of the most overlooked aspects of UX design. The truth is: UX design can’t provide an enjoyable user experience alone and vice versa.  What is UX […]

5 Reasons Why User Experience Matters in 2022

Did you remember the last time you were shopping online and the website was so user-friendly and easy to navigate that you bought a few items more than planned? You can take some UX Designer for your breathtaking experience. 🙂 This is exactly what user experience (UX) is about (or you can call it customer […]