Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

We would like to welcome all participants to our Spring Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and congratulate them on making their first step on the path to their dream job.  We want to assure you that your time here will be filled with discoveries, new knowledge and successfully overcoming challenges. In our mission to help […]

What can you achieve in 1 year, if you start learning UX/UI Design today?

Designers create realities for the entire world. Be it a hair drier, a postcard, or a web application. The way products look and feel is the job of a designer. And in an economy that keeps digitizing by the second, UX/UI Design professionals are more and more needed.   Reaching mastery in UX/UI Design is […]

UX design principles for newcomers

UX design principles for newcomers

UX refers to what a person experiences when communicating with an app or a website, which may involve a web browser, desktop computers, or some other form of human-machine interaction. According to the Interaction Design Foundation, UX design is “the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.” […]

Martina Mitz – UX Design Instructor at Brainster : Don’t forget the BIG picture!

Martina Mitz - UX/UI Design Instructor at Brainster : Don't forget the big picture!

Meet Martina Mitz! 🚀 She started as a self-taught web designer in 1999. In 2007, she graduated in psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. Since then, Martina has not only contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom, StepStone, and many […]

A comprehensive guide to mobile app design

A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Design

At the end of 2020, over 3 million apps were on Google Play Store, while iPhone users could choose from about 2 million apps on AppStore. Data also discovers that the average person uses nine apps per day and 30 apps per month, having a total of 80 apps on their smartphone device.  Each of these apps is […]

What to expect after you apply for the Brainster Bootcamp?

What-to-expect-after-you-apply for-the-Brainster-Bootcamp

To get into a Data Science or UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster, the students have to go through a careful and highly selective admissions process, with a lot of prospective applicants. For many, finding ways to stand out among a huge pool of qualified, smart people is a frightening prospect. Especially, if you’re new to […]

How to get into the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster?

How to get into the UXUI Design Bootcamp at Brainster

UX Design. Is it the future? Or just another buzzword? A good user experience has become crucial and vital to business success. The more users the companies have, the more job opportunities for people like you, interested in UX design. By knowing the fact that 55% of the visitors spend 10-20 seconds on a website, […]

New project in the student’s portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

New project in the student's portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

At the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, working on real projects is a mandatory part of the program and a process that each of the students must go through. Through working on real projects for real clients, students learn from each other and have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and their creativity. The new challenge […]