Career Guide – How to start your UX/UI Design career

By now, you’ve probably become one of Spotify’s 248 million monthly active users. You might even be one of its 113 million paying customers. Do you know why Spotify has so many users? And no, it’s not because you can find all your favorite songs there. Tons of other apps can offer you the same […]

CAREER JOURNEY | Ana Marija Ostrolucka Radosavljevic

CAREER JOURNEY | Ana Marija Ostrolucka Radosavljevic

We continue with the Career Journey series where we present our participants’ exceptional stories. Providing a sneak peek into their world, their struggles, and the decisions they made to overcome them are stories that will empower you to reflect on your own decisions, take action, and change your life for the better. “Brainster gives me […]

Things I Wish I’d Known before starting my career as a UX/UI Designer

On June 17, we are hosting a free webinar on the challenges of starting a new career titled “Things I Wish I’d Known before starting my career as a UX/UI Designer.” The webinar is hosted by Vienna-based UX UI designer Maggie Jandova who will take you on a journey of starting as a junior designer […]



Damjan Obal is Norway-based Product Designer and Brainster instructor and also a well-known name in the field of Design and Research Strategy. At the moment, he designs products and experiences at Pexip (Oslo, Norway) — helping people collaborate and communicate no matter the distance or technology. With 20 years of professional experience, Damjan walks the […]

Designing for People with Patricija Perše

Designing for People with Patricija Perse

On May 20th, we are hosting a free webinar on Web Accessibility Guidelines for UX/UI designers with Patricija Perše – Digital Art Director at Futura DDB Agency, Slovenia. The fact that designing within web accessibility standards has become mandatory in most western countries is only secondary to its importance to individuals, businesses and society in […]

Meet our Students of the Month | Brainster

Meet our Students of the Month | Brainster

Brainster students are startling individuals.  That’s why each month Brainster shines a spotlight on one of the students, who are working hard to realise their dreams and ambitious career goals. The Student of the Month is the one that has achieved exceptional success at the Brainster Bootcamp. The student that triumphs the month: has a […]

Meet Victoria Ganeva – Student of the Month | Brainster

Victoria Ganeva_UX/UI Design Bootcamp_Brainster

Meet Victoria Ganeva–  student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster and Student of the Month for April 2021. “Victoria went the extra mile with the approach in her work – showed amazing progress in a short period of time and sprinted well ahead!“- said Damjan Obal, a UX/UI Design instructor at Brainster ✨ Meet […]

Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month

This spring the Brainster team welcomed the new batch of international Bootcamp participants learning UX/UI Design and Data Science. As much as it is exciting for the participants, the Brainster team always has some last-minute jitters before initiating a new Bootcamp. Will we have any class-skippers in this batch? Will we break our PB on […]

Simple steps to designing a strong user experience | UX/UI Design


The method of optimizing the experience of your website or app users by making it more functional, interactive, and delightful to engage with is known as user experience design or UX design. Any contact your company has with people on your platform, mobile site, applications, and other online properties or services is referred to as […]