The key to successful learning is balance between organization and self motivation

„Prepare to enter a whole new world of limitless ideas and possibilities – UX/UI is giving you the opportunity to learn on a daily basis, regardless the education background and previous working experience.“ This is the most valuable advice from our student Gracijela Maltašić to all those who plan to learn UX/UI Design in 2022. […]

Curiosity is the secret sauce to successful learning

„Take your time to read, listen and find your true interest in the UX. The more you get to know about it, the more interesting it gets“. This is the most valuable advice from our student Agnese Priekule-Sikavica to all those who plan to learn UX/UI Design in 2022.   In this interview, Agnese shares […]

In UX design, everyone can contribute with their unique skillset and knowledge!

Meet Eva Herceg from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February. Eva is an excellent example that in every learning experience, the biggest value is the people who support you and learn with you along the way.    In this interview, Eva shares her motivation to keep going even though […]

The Largest Cross-Academy Collaboration At Brainster

Working on real projects for actual clients is a long and complex process. Тhe constant cooperation with our partners for co-innovation is one of the main pillars of every Brainster Bootcamp. This way, we create opportunities for learning through students’ practical work. With this type of learning, first-hand students have the chance to master real-world […]

Meet Tomislav Petrović – Brainster’s student of the month for November 2021

It’s always a tough call to pick the student of the month, with so many ambitious and creative minds trying to maximize the potential of their skills. This month, Tomislav Petrović, a student at our UX/UI Design Bootcamp, stood out from the crowd because of how far he challenges himself and shows that everything is […]

To become a great UX designer, ensure to overcome all the excuses you have!

Meet Martina Dimkoska – an alumna from our UX/UI Design Bootcamp, who immediately after completing the program started a career in UX Design as a Web Designer at R3 Infomedia.   We talked to Martina about her new job and how the UX/UI Design Bootcamp prepared her for diving deep into the UX design world. […]

Even when you fail, keep on trying and remain true to yourself

Every learning process has its ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel like you are stuck in the learning material and can’t figure out things. But that shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dream career. Slavomíra Galóová, our student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, is a true inspiration for all of us.  Despite the challenges […]