The job of UX designers is to create solutions that will improve people’s lives

Meet Matilda Kop – our UX/UI Design Bootcamp student who started an internship as a UX designer at the Italian company Gate42. She is a person who seeks challenges wherever she goes because, thanks to them, she can achieve unique professional and personal growth and development.   We talked to Matilda about her student days […]

Student of the Month – Svjetlana Zajec

 Brainster students are startling individuals.  That’s why each month Brainster shines a spotlight on one of the students, who are working hard to realise their dreams and ambitious career goals. The Student of the Month is the one that has achieved exceptional success at the Brainster Bootcamp. The student that triumphs the month: has a creative approach to […]

CAREER JOURNEY | Ana Marija Ostrolucka Radosavljevic

CAREER JOURNEY | Ana Marija Ostrolucka Radosavljevic

We continue with the Career Journey series where we present our participants’ exceptional stories. Providing a sneak peek into their world, their struggles, and the decisions they made to overcome them are stories that will empower you to reflect on your own decisions, take action, and change your life for the better. “Brainster gives me […]

Meet Victoria Ganeva – Student of the Month | Brainster

Victoria Ganeva_UX/UI Design Bootcamp_Brainster

Meet Victoria Ganeva– a student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster and Student of the Month for April 2021. “Victoria went the extra mile with the approach in her work – showed amazing progress in a short period of time and sprinted well ahead!“- said Damjan Obal, a UX/UI Design instructor at Brainster ✨ […]

How we run a successful UX/UI design hackathon?

On 27-28th March 2021, we had a great UX/UI Design hackathon, that successfully finished 🥳 The hackathon is an incubator for new product ideas. As a part of our Bootcamp, the students get to work together in teams, towards the same objective for a client. The challenging part is to come up with a solution […]

Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

Welcome batch #7 | Data Science Bootcamp

We would like to welcome all participants to our Spring Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and congratulate them on making their first step on the path to their dream job.  We want to assure you that your time here will be filled with discoveries, new knowledge and successfully overcoming challenges. In our mission to help […]

New project in the student’s portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

New project in the student's portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp

At the UX/UI Design Bootcamp, working on real projects is a mandatory part of the program and a process that each of the students must go through. Through working on real projects for real clients, students learn from each other and have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and their creativity. The new challenge […]