The Co-innovation & Hiring platform is celebrating a 6 month anniversary

Brainster’s co-innovation and hiring platform is celebrating its jubilee this month, and we have a lot to be proud of.

The obsessive care for our students and partners for co-innovation and hiring in the past 6 months resulted in new collaborations and many employed students. It is our pleasure to share the news with you first!



In the past six months, we have not only marked one of the biggest successes in the field of employment and worked on real projects, but also had the chance to work with some of the largest companies in the region like A1 telecommunications and Jagermeister.



We have also been active in the local community, supporting small businesses and social causes. In these fields, we have collaborated with Special Olympics Macedonia, the Association for Action against Violence and Human Trafficking – Open Gate La Strada, Dobar Bar, Vidi Vaka, the University Student Assembly, and many others.



Because we believe in the opportunities in long-term and stable partnerships, we started working with 10 new partners such as DEPT Agency, Pabau – Clinic Software, The Big Search, and many others. 



To date, our partners and associates have employed more than 150 of our students from various academies. The co-innovation and employment team remains fully committed to employing our students and opportunities for innovation and new, fresh ideas to improve our clients’ work.



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