Students at the beginning of their careers bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective

Brainster Employment Partnership is a two-way process through which companies get talented, carefully selected students in line with their company culture and needs. On the other hand, students get a chance for an internship or employment right after graduation or during the Bootcamp.

The process of concluding a partnership is facilitated through our new platform for co-innovation and hiring  as it is quick and easy for companies to find their next employees. 

In this blog post, we introduce our Hiring Partner – ATIS.

ATIS is a software company specialized in software development for clients from Western Europe. The company also implements its own solutions, following the latest trends and technologies. 

ATIS is a company where 40% of employees are students who have graduated from a Brainster Bootcamp. It’s a place with positive values ​​and culture and caring for its employees in a way that allows their personal and professional development.


We talked to Katerina Gjurcinovska from the HR department of ATIS about the Hiring partnership with Brainster



Hello Katerina, tell us something more about yourself. What are your background and your current job position?

I perceive myself as a conscientious and loyal individual with a cheerful spirit who wants to test her limits. 

At the same time, I am patient in private and impatient in the professional field because I always want to have everything under control when it comes to my responsibilities. I try not to judge and constantly absorb constructive criticism. 

Although I have a degree in Defendology, my background and experience are generally in the field of administration, which is currently my job position in the HR department. My work plays a vital role in the mutual functioning of the whole team.


What is ATIS, what is the culture of this company, and what is your field of work?

ATIS is a software company with about 110 employees with offices in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, and plans to expand to several new locations soon. 

ATIS specializes in software development for Western European clients and implements its own solutions following the latest trends and technologies. ATIS is definitely a company with values ​​and a positive culture. 

This is a company that cares about its employees, with transparent and honest leaders who value and respect your opinion and strive to provide positive and fun activities for personal and professional development.



What does a day at work in such a big company look like?

Although the administration tasks sometimes seem monotonous, it is pretty energetic and motivated to work in this department (at least for me).  ATIS operates as an entity with different locations.  My responsibilities are focused on the team in Skopje. Of course, as the team grows, so do the duties, which contributes to the dynamism of my job. Along with the obligations, the day passes with a joint coffee break – a conversation, the eternal dilemma – what to eat, let’s have a good time. Football is obligatory, and so is beautiful energy.


What is the profile of the people you want to work for in your company? What are the interests and skills you are looking for?

People who are focused on results, committed to quality, with unique skills for creating and building solutions, and a positive attitude and energy for better mutual functioning. Interest and desire for success and progress are also a must!



What is your opinion about the employment of students or staff at the beginning of their career?

At the beginning of their careers, students or staff often bring enthusiasm, motivation, and a fresh perspective. Their desire to learn and hope to prove their worth allows the company to discover new talents worth investing in.  We were all at the beginning of our careers at some point, and someone allowed us to show our skills.


How satisfied are you with the cooperation with Brainster, and would you recommend this type of cooperation to other companies?

We are sincerely satisfied, primarily with your approach and, of course, with what you do and invest in your students. I think all this is more than enough reason to recommend this cooperation with Brainster to other companies that want to find talent with your support.



Can you share some feedback on the candidates we recommended to your company and those who started working for you?

They are talented candidates who have achieved visible results and significant progress. Given that 40% of ATIS staff are students who have graduated from Brainster, it confirms that your Bootcamps provide an excellent foundation for their development.


What growth and learning opportunities does your company offer?

Extensive-quality training and work in teams with experienced developers, dedicated learning time and development of new technologies/trends, and exciting, innovative projects within a very dynamic environment.


Finally, what is the message you want to send to all those interested in working in this sector?

It is a fact that the technology industry is developing faster, which contributes and leads to changes in job demands. However, I believe that it just takes love, perseverance, and life-long learning to be successful in every job position you choose. 


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