Ryaktive – The new hiring partner of Brainster

This week we had a quick chat with one of our first hiring partners – Husam Bamatrf, Founder and CEO of Ryaktive, a software development agency with central offices in Dubai. Husam has been one of our most devoted partners. He helped two of our students land a job in his company, which now has Skopje offices too.


In this interview, Husam talks about Ryaktive and the current situation within the IT industry



Hello Husam, thank you for taking part in the interview. Tell us something about yourself. What’s your current job position and career background?

Hello, and thank you for having me. I am a Software Engineer and the Founder & Director of Ryaktive, a Software Development agency. I have more than 17 years of experience in the IT domain handling digital transformation projects in the public sector in the United Arab Emirates. 


We got in touch a couple of years ago and have had excellent communication & cooperation since then. Could you tell us a bit more about who Ryaktive is, what’s your company culture and field of work?

Ryaktive is a software development agency. We mainly work with startups and entrepreneurs looking for an agile team that can deliver fast and has the flexibility to respond to dynamic requirements for these startups. We build digital products from A to Z.

Flexibility is part of our culture, not just for our clients but also for our employees. Everyone has the flexibility from where to work, whether at the office or online, although we have a nice office overlooking the center of Skopje and the beautiful Vodno mountain. 

We use Microsoft Teams to collaborate online, share information for the projects we work on, and some humor and non-work posts. We organize the communication into spaces and channels for every project to make things relevant and easy to find.


What does a typical working day at Ryaktive look like? 

We have an agile culture. We start our day by a stand-up meeting with everyone providing an update on the work done for the last day, their challenges, and achievements. We start the week with the week plan meeting, where we set the week’s objectives according to the big project plan.

We believe in the impact of continuous learning. That is why we encourage our employees to set some time every day for learning based on the learning objectives we put together that correlate with the company’s strategy and direction.

We have casual moments as well. The working day in Ryaktive is not only about work. 😊



What’s the profile of people you want to work for your company? What are their interests and skills? 

In Ryaktive, we provide equal opportunities to everyone. When hiring, our criteria are not only around technical skills. The main criteria are the personality and characteristics of the person.  We would like to have people who can work with a team, support each other, and consider learning a journey with no ending point. For us as technology implementers, our people are our main assets. That is why selecting the right people is crucial for our success.


What’s your standing on hiring students or entry-level staff at the beginning of their careers? 

For me, Brainster’s graduates are not entry-level people because they have already worked on projects for real clients as part of the training they got in Brainster. Usually, universities focus on teaching theories more than real-life technical skills, but Brainster focuses on them.


How satisfied are you with your partnership with Brainster? Would you recommend this type of collaboration to other companies?

I am satisfied with the support and the help I am getting from Brainster staff to hire the right candidates according to my requirements. I was very new to the Macedonian IT market when I started Ryaktive. I was lucky at that time that I got introduced to Brainster. My partnership with Brainster helped me find the most suitable candidates without paying a lot of money to recruitment agencies.



Can you give us some feedback on the candidates we recommended and started working in your company?

Our Data Analyst, Aleksandar, and our UI/UX Designer, Nikola, are both Brainster graduates, and they are great. I am always proud of their output, and customers like to work with them.


What are the growth and education opportunities that your company provides? 

In the IT domain, technologies advance very quickly. If you stop learning at a personal level or organizational level, you are out of the market. That is why we have learning plans we set with each employee individually. We ensure that employees spend 20% of their time on their learning objectives. We also offer subscriptions to premium online learning platforms.


And to sum everything up, what kind of recommendation would you like to give to everyone interested in working in this sector? 

Software is consuming the world. Today, software is part of everything happening in our life, and this trend will remain. You can’t go wrong by selecting the IT sector as a career path. However, you should be ready to continue your learning journey throughout your whole career. Don’t stop by what you learn in Brainster’s Bootcamps, but continue learning with a lot of patience and persistence.


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