Why become a Brainster Hiring Partner?

The Brainster Hiring Partnership is a two-way process through which employers get talented students who are carefully selected and tailored to their company culture and needs, and students get a chance for an internship or employment right after graduation or during academia.

The Co-Innovation and Hiring Platform is one of Brainster’s latest products, created entirely by students and designed to facilitate the hiring and innovation process between companies and students. This platform contains a rich database of students including their portfolios, interests, and experiences – open to use for all interested companies that need a talented student ready for employment.



“We are a new company in the IT sector of Macedonia; however, with the support we received from the Brainster team, we were able to find the best talent for us. The Brainster team provided us with all the necessary support to facilitate and make the hiring process productive. We are pleased with Brainster’s talents and will definitely use their services for all future needs” Husam Bamatrf, CEO of Ryaktive – Brainster hiring partner



Benefits of Hiring Partnership


  • Personalized approach

The Hiring partnership with Brainster not only provides companies with a database of quality students but also offers a personalized approach that takes into account the culture and needs of companies.

According to their requirements, companies receive a talent market of students whose skills and interests are appropriate to the open position, culture and values ​​that correspond to those nurtured in the company itself and motivation and innovation that will contribute to the development of the company itself.


  • Facilitated employment process

Student talent markets are created in coordination with each product manager in charge of the operation of the academy and are further delivered to customers through a personalized link for each company separately.

This means that companies get all the matching talent for the position in one place, along with their portfolios, cover letters, CVs and interests. Through this link, companies can directly contact students and continue the interviewing process.


  • Career Workshops

All students attend career workshops. These career workshops are designed to clarify the picture of the hiring and interviewing process for each student.

Additionally, in these workshops, students receive guidance on how to prepare their CV, which projects are important to put in the portfolio, what an interview looks like, communication practices with employers and clients, etc.

With these career workshops, students are ready for the process that follows their graduation from the academy.



  • Talents equipped with the most sought after skills of the 21st century

During its operation, Brainster has trained more than 9000+ students at the academies of graphic design, digital marketing, UX / UI design, data science, programming and QA, which are equipped with the most sought after skills and tools of the 21st century. Additionally, students at each academy have the chance to work on real projects with real clients, gaining experience in communicating and processing ideas and conceptual solutions together with clients throughout the academies.

Through this partnership, you will be the first to have access to this talent base and a chance to have the first pick of students suitable for your company.


  • Supporting young talents

By hiring young talented staff, you will not only open space for new innovative ideas for your company, but you will also contribute to the process of transforming students’ careers by providing a real job position.

By hiring students you are changing the lives of young talent for whom the job position has always been their dream career.

Hire a student through the hiring platform.



The process of creating a partnership


The process of creating a partnership is facilitated through the new platform for co-innovation and hiring in order to provide a quick and easy way to apply for interested companies.

The first step in the process is applying through the form integrated in the platform itself, defining the field of interest for student employment (digital marketing, graphic design, UX / UI design, data science, programming or QA) and leaving contact information. The application is further processed by the co-innovation and employment team and the companies are contacted directly to arrange a meeting.

At the meeting we get to know the companies, share mutual values ​​and define the process of cooperation. Furthermore, we sign a memorandum of cooperation with which you as a company in the future will continuously receive talent data, ready to work and in accordance with the values ​​of your company.


Apply and make an appointment here.

So far we have had successful partnerships with more than 100 companies from the country and abroad, including: IT Labs, New Moment, Personnel Ltd, X3MLabs, Ryaktive, Devsy, Writtery and many others.


Visit the Hiring platform and see the current talents

The increase in demand for quality staff in the IT sector is evident, which is why through this step you will not only have access to a database of Brainster talents in one place but this partnership will help your company find a sustainable way of hiring suitable staff. 

If you are still wondering why you should become a hiring partner at Brainster, visit the co-innovation & hiring platform and see for yourself.

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