Writerity – our Japanese hiring partner

The hiring partnership with Brainster is a two-sided process. Our partnering companies get equipped with talented students, carefully selected, in accordance with their needs and culture and our students land internships and employment right after or even during their Bootcamps.

The partnership process is even easier now through our new platform for co-innovation & hiring, all with one aim – to provide a fast and easy application process for all interested companies.

In this blog, we’re presenting you our newest hiring partner – Writerity. 

This month’s hiring partner is the first Japanese IT company which works with services for web development, web advertising and system development in Skopje! Meet Writerity and their HR administrator – Anastazija Sutoglu

Our hiring partnership began a couple of months ago and they already have accepted 4 of our students as graphic design interns in their company!

Care for both our students and partnering companies is at the core of our work and that is exactly why, through this interview we want to present the experiences both from our students and partnering companies.


In addition, read more about the talk we had with Anastazija about their experience with Brainster’s hiring partnership program.



Hello Anastazija, tell us something about yourself, what’s your background and current job position? 

Hi, my name is Anastazija Sutoglu, I am working as a HR administrator at Writerity. An experienced and dedicated Human Resources Administrator with in-depth knowledge of administrative processes and managing successful relationships with employees.


Who is Writerity, what’s your company culture and field of work? 

Writerity is a first Japanese IT company providing web design, system development and web advertisement located in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.  We have adopted a standard Japanese working style for daily work. 

However, we also respect macedonian culture–such as employee’s birthday celebrations, national holidays, religional holidays etc.



What does a typical working day at Writerity look like? 

On my average day of work, I start the day off by checking my emails. This way, I can reply to employees and managers and get everything organized at the start of the day. I then look over my to-do list and get started on the projects that have my top priority. … After lunch, I start to work on the more analytical aspects of my job. Every day is different and challenging. 

Also, let me introduce our designer’s typical working day. 

I first start my day by checking my emails and To do list to see which videos need to be modified, if there are any.  If not, I look at assigned projects from the previous day that need to be finished, followed by taking on new projects.  In the meantime, I check in with my coworkers or team leader to see if some things need to be improved and done better in the video.  I finish the day by making sure all the deadlines have been met and everything has been organized and submitted.


What’s the profile of people you would like to have working for your company? What are their interests and skills? 

We enjoy working with our team members, who have a world-class principle. Here, we don’t give priority to skills or experience, but the most important thing is the work-attitude.  As I said, we have Japanese working culture. 

Japan is one of the world’s largest economies and we are proud to deliver our products with high quality. What we want and expect from new members and interns is to learn how to work on the principals at their level and how we can create high quality, world-class products.



What’s your standing on hiring students or entry level staff who is at the beginning of their career? 

We are always looking forward to young ambitious talents with good design sense and we are open to give them the opportunity to progress in the design by working in different cultures.


How satisfied are you with your partnership with Brainster, would you recommend this type of collaboration to other companies? 

Collaboration between companies and academies is a fact of life in such progressive ICT world.  Our collaboration is established as a good partner and has become a key corporate asset.  In the global economy, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations gives companies a significant competitive leg up. 

This partnership produces substantial benefits for everybody involved: most importantly, young people’s awareness and experience of the workplace.  Our partnership is a great example for other companies to follow. 


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Can you give us some feedback on the candidates we recommended and started working in your company? 

Now we welcomed several interns from Brainster referral.  We see some potential in their mindset and skills.  We will closely observe them and would like them to be ready to adopt a new working culture with their co-worker help.


What are the growth and education opportunities that your company provides? 

As a ICT company we strongly support internships and encourage students for gaining knowledge and career growth.


And to sum everything up, what kind of recommendation would you like to give to everyone interested in working in this sector? 

I believe that the best phrase to use is to stay creative and enjoy the process of learning.



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