DEPT – Brainster’s new hiring partner

The hiring partnership with Brainster is a two-sided process through which companies get talented students, selected individuals according to their company culture and needs immediately after graduation or during the Bootcamp they get a chance for internship or employment.

In this blog, we’re presenting to you our newest hiring partner- DEPT.

DEPT is an international digital agency spread over 15 countries across Europe and America, with over 30 offices and more than 2,000 employees.

Inspiration through innovation is part of their motto, and collaboration with well-known brands and companies such as JBL, Adidas, Patagonia, Samsung, and Canyon only proves their exceptionalism.


Today, we had a quick chat with Katerina Maljceva Risteska about our partnership with DEPT and Dimitri from Brainster, who is part of their Data Engineering Traineeship program. Take a look at what we were discussing.



Hello Katerina, tell us something more about yourself and your current job position?

Hi Brainster! My name is Katerina. 4 years ago, I decided to move from the strictly formal world of law to the IT/digital sphere, and at no point did I regret that decision. Today, I am part of the team of the DEPT office in Skopje, and I work in the HR & Recruitment department.

What motivates and inspires me every day is the pleasure and smile of my colleagues, the morning conversations by the coffee machine, the numerous birthday celebrations and DEPT anniversaries of my colleagues, but most of all, the enthusiasm of my colleague Nikola, the experience pieces of advice of Predrag, Sanja’s energy, the insightfulness of Ivan, Gjorgji’s commitment, the logistical abilities of Tihi and so on.


What is Dept? What is your company culture and field of work?

DEPT is an international digital agency for creativity, technology, and data, which is a one-stop shop in the field of digital services. Our team consists of more than 2,000 colleagues, spread across over 15 countries in Europe and America. 

Our goal is to help many clients build their digital business by creating quality digital solutions, services, and campaigns.

We desire to become the best digital agency in the world, but in line with the mission: “To have a positive impact not only on our employees and customers but also on society as a whole.”



What does a typical working day at DEPT look like?

The working day in DEPT can’t be described – it must be experienced! Working in an agency like DEPT is really dynamic, full of everyday challenges, exciting, and different from the previous days.


What is the profile of the candidates you prefer to hire? Which skills and values of the candidates are most important to you?

We want candidates who are proactive, ambitious, and motivated. Candidates who are their own and express their opinion, want to learn, progress, and work in a dynamic atmosphere. And let’s not forget the essential thing – candidates who will respect the tradition of DEPT Beer Friday and will play football without giving in. 🙂



Your company currently has employed one of our Brainster talents. How is he doing, and what is your opinion on hiring staff at the beginning of their career?

Yes, we have Dimitri from Brainster, who is part of our Data Engineering Traineeship program. Dimitri easily fits into the team, and the colleagues from the program and the mentors have just words of praise and see great potential in him. 

As I mentioned above, Dimitri is part of the Data Traineeship program, which has two modules: Data Engineering and Data Analytics. This Traineeship program has been implemented for years within the other DEPT offices, and many of the people who attended it today are DEPT employees. 

Therefore, for the first time this year, we decided to implement it in our office, and the response was wonderful. It is intended for all data enthusiasts who are at the beginning of their career and who want to upgrade their knowledge, work with professionals in the field, and at the same time gain practical experience. 

I am happy because our colleagues have an excellent opportunity to work and learn from mentors – young experts with big and successful projects behind them who selflessly want to share their experiences.


How satisfied are you with the partnership with Brainster, and would you recommend this type of collaboration to other companies?

Definitely! We had an excellent collaboration with Brainster, specifically with Jana and Anja, who were committed to the task of helping us find suitable candidates.



What growth and learning opportunities does your company offer? And why is this important to you?

To fulfill our quest to become the best digital agency globally, we must constantly respond to customer requests efficiently and deliver the highest quality solution. 

To achieve this, we must be up to date with the latest technologies, tools, and trends in the digital world. For that purpose, our employees constantly attend courses, training, conferences that help them in their professional technical upgrade. 

At the same time, the platforms DEPT College, Pluralsight, Good habitz are available to our employees, where they can attend all courses and workshops in different fields for free.


Finally, what message do you want to spread to all those interested in working in this sector?

Future colleagues and collaborators, I encourage you to take the next step in your career! The digital sphere is dynamic and unusual, but at the same time, very fun and inspiring. So do not be afraid to be proactive and strive to quench your thirst for new knowledge and experience!

If any of you find yourself in the description of the future Depster, immediately visit the career page of DEPT and join our team! We are expecting you!


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