9 reasons to start learning JavaScript today

Let’s say you want to become a web developer. You are probably wondering what programming language you should learn first. Should you start with the easiest ones? Or the most useful ones? Or maybe both? We recommend you begin by learning JavaScript!

This is why:

As an aspiring developer, you want to ensure you are studying the most beneficial programming language in your industry, right?

Statistics show that JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language 9 years in a row. On top of that, 94.5% of all websites use it.


If you are still not convinced that JavaScript is the right choice for you, here are top reasons why you should change your mind:



1. JavaScript is the default language of the internet

You don’t need to look further than your internet browser to realize that JavaScript is already a part of it. Yes, every internet search starts with a browser. This is just another proof of why JavaScript web development is so significant.


2. It’s all around us

This programming language has many more uses that go beyond its traditional internet roles. For example, you can apply JavaScript to create native apps for iOS and Android, build desktop apps, power smart TVs, work with the internet of things (IoT), and so much more.


3. Ideal language for new developers

Believe it or not, JavaScript is ideal for newbies! It’s one of the most accessible entries for coding available. An extensive online community also supports you and lands you a hand if you get stuck with something.


4. Easy to learn

The name JavaScript may sound complicated and intimidating, but it’s actually a straightforward and natural language to learn. JavaScript turns complex details into abstracts, so as a newcomer, you can learn things easier. 


5. The best foundation for other programming languages

If you choose JavaScript, that doesn’t mean you need to stop here. The good news is that you can apply your JavaScript knowledge to every new language you learn, such as C++, Java, Python, and so on.



6. You can create great stuff

The moment you will apply this programming language in practice, you will witness the power of JavaScript – creating extraordinary visual effects and eye-catching features that users will love to engage with. 

It has never been easier to add cool design elements on your website like interactive maps, animations, scrolling videos, and so on.


7. You can work on every part of the design

Do you want to focus on front-end coding? Or is back-end coding more attractive to you? The good news is that JavaScript enables you to handle every aspect of developing desktop, mobile, and web apps.


8. Perfect language for game designers

Since gaming is a big business today, knowing JavaScript will give you an extra advantage. So if you decide to become a game developer, JavaScript will help you create outstanding visual effects and outperform the competition in no time.


9. JavaScript developers are in high demand and well paid

With the expansion of businesses going digital, there is a growing demand for JavaScript developers. When recruiters look for web developers, knowing JavaScript is one of their primary criteria for hiring a candidate or not.

Yes, JavaScript experts are also well-paid (up to $108,871 per year). So, if you want to really boost your earning potential as a developer, learning JavaScript is the place to start!


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