Everything you need to know if you want to start learning Data Science today

Have you ever thought about the power of data? Have you ever considered exploring, analyzing data, and collecting meaningful and insightful findings from data pools? Are you looking to switch your career into one of the hottest career fields today?

If you are interested in adding data science skills to your portfolio, this is the article for you.


5 reasons why you should start your data science journey

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions in the first paragraph, we dare you to challenge yourself and start a journey in data science. Yes, it would take precious time, energy, and a lot of dedication to educating yourself in this field. But, we promise – it will be worth the ride!

We selected the top 5 reasons that will confirm to you that data science is the path you should take today.


1. Data Science offers high-paying job opportunities

Data science experts are wanted in almost every field, from technology, government security to dating apps. As data is shaping the future, the demand for a data science skill set expands. 

Pursuing a career in data science is a smart move. We are not saying this because data science jobs are trendy, and the pay is above average (the average salary can go up to $139,840 per year), but because data is the pivot point on which the entire economy turns.


Here are some of the leading data science careers you can go for once you have mastered the foundations:  

  1. Data Scientist (Average Salary: $139,840)
  2. Machine Learning Engineer (Average Salary: $114,826)
  3. Machine Learning Scientist (Average Salary: $114,121)
  4. Applications Architect (Average Salary: $113,757)
  5. Enterprise Architect (Average Salary: $110,663)
  6. Data Architect (Average Salary: $108,278)
  7. Data Engineer (Average Salary: $102,864)
  8. Data Analyst (Average Salary: $62, 453)


2. Data-driven decisions as a way to stay competitive

Human history has never seen such an information explosion. The COVID-19 just helped this data expansion. The pandemics just showed businesses and economies around the world the urgency of collecting relevant data and putting it to use to achieve their goals.

To stay competitive in this rapidly changing environment, businesses now can’t afford to plan years ahead and stick to a fixed strategy. Instead, they need to focus on data in real-time and predictive analytics. This way, they can adjust their next steps based on what customers need and want. 

All those businesses who are not willing to adapt to the rapid changes and neglect the importance of data-driven decisions will soon disappear from the marketplace. If you are a business owner, are you willing to take this risk?


3. Data science as a side hustle to generate more income

You don’t want to transform your career path from scratch, and that’s okay. But if you need to generate more income (who doesn’t?), data science can be the perfect fit for your side hustle.

Here are some side hustles you can do and earn a good side income as a data scientist, and most importantly, be your own boss.

  1. Write articles on data science topics to share your expertise
  2. Create educational videos around data science
  3. Do freelance work on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer 
  4. Teach data science at a Bootcamp
  5. Go for an internship or part-time job (it may become a full-time job someday – who knows?)


4. Data Science as a hobby

If you want to learn data science for your personal use, that is totally fine. For example, you can use this skill set to analyze your monthly costs and draw meaningful insights from it. Or, you can show your newly acquired skill set at your company and land them a hand with analyzing large datasets to establish a connection between them (and hope to get promoted).

Of course, you always have at your disposal to build models for personal use and predict upcoming events for fun. The options are limitless here – it’s your creativity that counts!


5. Data for professional use

No matter what job position you have, we can assure you that you can apply data science to almost everything you do. For example, if you are a sales or marketing representative, you can predict the growth of your department thanks to data. If you are a doctor, data can help you discover rare diseases. Or, if you are working in the banking industry, Artificial Intelligence can help you predict upcoming industry changes, and so on. 

When it comes to Data Science applications, the sky’s the limit because it can be applied to any area, both of work and life. Now that you are familiar with the power of learning data science, there are no excuses not to start this journey. The opportunity in data science is knocking at your door, so are you ready for it?


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