Hard work and strong motivation helped me land the job of my dreams

Ambitious, determined, and data-driven. These are the words that best describe Bojan Karaica, our student at the Data Science Bootcamp. His hard work paid off because he now works as a Data Engineer for ecx.io – an IBM iX company.

In this interview, Bojan explains how Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp helped him land the job he always wanted and shares a few tips for those of you who are data-driven, just like him.


Firstly, congrats on your new job – we couldn’t be more proud! We know each other well already, so why don’t we leave the stage to you for an introduction.

I am excited to have ventured into Data Science or, better say – Data Engineering. The hard work and strong motivation brought me to this point, and I hope my efforts will continue to bear fruit in the future.

After a few years in the world of data, I finally got a job that expresses my mindset. I landed a new job as a Data Engineer where I see my next giant leap and a chance to learn and evolve. My journey has taken me from data entry to data engineering and, I hope, beyond.


What was your experience at the Data Science Bootcamp now that this part of your journey is coming to an end?

It was an exciting journey! I learned a lot and made some good friends along the way. Joining the Data Science Bootcamp helped me get in the right direction when it comes to my next career move.

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? I should say yes because I got a job in the field I wanted. 

I enjoyed this year because it was non-stop learning and adapting. You get a sense of what you are good at and where you should try to improve. 

It was challenging to stay on track because the Bootcamp is 8 months long, which takes a lot of your time, but it is worth the investment. The best part is meeting other students and instructors who become your Data Science network and people to reach out to if you have questions on a specific topic.


What can you tell us about the company that you work in? What do they do?

I recently started working for ecx.io – an IBM iX company that focuses on digital platforms and ecosystems with strong expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce.

By using modern and innovative technologies, they provide a better user experience, integrated marketing and communication on channels and all formats, and next-level digital services and business models. 

By providing a better digital solution, our clients can become more competitive on the market and stay ahead of the competition while giving more to their customers and service users.


Can you paint us a word picture of a typical day at your new job?

For now, it is all about learning new technologies and becoming familiar with the working procedures and rules of conduct. My typical day includes one or two meetings, sometimes a presentation by colleagues on different aspects of the company. 

Also, one of my main tasks is going through the learning material and discussing the challenging topics with my mentor, who gives me feedback and directions for my next steps. 


How does all the hardship and learning experience from the Bootcamp translate to your work today?

It was all about learning and adapting to new situations and technologies. Every learning material we covered during the Bootcamp is usable and applicable. Discipline and being an organized personality are the keys to staying on track.


And lastly, what would you recommend to anyone switching their career today in the field of Data Science?

If you like data and finding answers and solutions using data, you are on the right path! Even though sometimes there is too much information and you are overwhelmed by the number of technologies and tools, keep in mind that you will learn all you need as you dive deeper into the Bootcamp.

Create a strong learning foundation, venture out and explore all the possibilities in the data field. Your job will reshape your general path of learning. Just don’t stop exploring!


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