Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Meet Darya Romanova – student from the Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and Student of the Month for May 2021.

“Darya was always willing to go the extra mile, demonstrating true commitment to the course and her desire to learn. Due to that, more than the Student of the Month award, she made consistent progress and she’s on the right track to finishing the course successfully!” – Pedro Marcelino – Darya’s Data Science Bootcamp instructor at Brainster.

✨ Here’s Darya!

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Brainster: Tell us a bit about yourself. What were you doing before you came to Brainster?

Darya: I work as a financial analyst in an automotive company. My main responsibilities are data collection and preparation of various accounts payable reports and analyses.

Brainster: What is your typical day in Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp?

Darya: Before the start of the class, I usually revise the material that we covered in the previous lesson.

I try to spend as much time as possible practising the things that we learned and doing the exercises.

I also try to join the peer-to-peer sessions whenever I can. My group mates are amazing and we help each other grow.

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Brainster: Since the Bootcamp is remote, how do you collaborate with your colleagues and instructors? What kind of support do you get from the instructors?

Darya: Our main communication channel outside of the class is Slack. I use it if I need to get feedback on my code, to ask for advice or to get in touch with any of my groupmates or mentors.

If something is not clear to me and I need a detailed explanation, I prepare a question for our Saturday mentoring session. Our instructors look at our screen and navigate us to the solution.

Brainster: From the first class of Data Science Bootcamp, I remember…

Darya: I remember feeling happy that I could keep up with the material. I also remember thinking that my group mates are a lot of fun 🙂

Brainster: Did you have any coding experience before applying to the Bootcamp?

Darya: My coding experience was limited to studying the basics of HTML and Pascal in secondary school and creating Excel macros using VBA editor.

Meet Darya Romanova – Student of The Month | Brainster

Brainster: Since you started learning, what has been the most challenging thing so far?

Darya: I feel like I am constantly battling my inner perfectionist. I need to always remind myself that it is ok not to understand something right away.

Brainster: What is your favourite area in which you want to specialise in Data Science?

Darya: I have not decided yet. I have really enjoyed the SQL module so Database management might be the way to go.

Brainster: Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into Data Science in 2021?

Darya: Don’t be afraid to start something new and don’t give up if things get tough. It is not an easy road but it is a very exciting one. Just keep going.

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