Filip from the Data Science Academy is the new Business Intelligence Analyst at Cantab PI

Meet Filip Arsenovski – a student from our Data Science Academy and one of the people who showed the best performance during the lectures.

Some of the most exciting projects Filip has worked on is “The best basketball player of all time? – The answer lies in the data”. 

His great ambition and enthusiasm are the main reasons for his success in Data Science and landing a job as a Business Intelligence Analyst in the international company Cantab PI.


We talked to Filip about his student days in Brainster and how he applies the knowledge and skills acquired in his new job.


In less than a year, you completed the Data Science Academy with great results, got involved in 3 real projects, and, thanks to your dedication and hard work, landed a job as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Cantab PI. What should we congratulate first? 🙂 How would you describe the experience from the Data Science Academy?

Since I come from a non-IT engineering field, I would say that this was an emotional roller coaster experience.

To be more precise, I was constantly exposed to situations that caused mixed feelings. Before starting the Data Science Academy, I felt fear and anxiety of the unknown but switched them with determination for success.

After every recognition and successfully overcoming an obstacle, I was feeling more proud and fulfilled. In summary, the Data Science Academy was a totally worth it experience.


The Data Science Academy program is known as the most intensive in Brainster. Considering that you completed the training as one of the best students in the group, can you share your recipe for successfully completing this program?

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success other than self-discipline and hard work. Perhaps it would help if you are a person who is problem-solving-oriented.


Which academy modules were most interesting to you, and which one required more focus and challenged you? 

I couldn’t choose any module in particular because they were all unique. I enjoyed mastering every data science challenge. As for the focus, the whole Academy requires constant focus to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of applying Data Science in your everyday job practically.


Congratulations on your employment in Cantab PI! What is the company about?

Thanks for the congratulations! Cantab PI is a Croatian company based in England, which works exclusively in the field of Data Science. The company helps brands transform their business operations and make better decisions by optimal use of data.


What are your job responsibilities in Cantab PI? 

I work as a Business Intelligence Analyst. My main tasks are focused on data processing and its visual presentation in the form of a dashboard. Showing data in this format enables us to understand the story data tells us. This way, we present to the client the results of our solutions that would simplify their business operations.


What does a typical workday look like? What techniques and tools do you use?

We start the day by receiving the tasks for the day. We use software like Payton, Tableau, Power BI, and the programming language R. Python is mainly used to prepare the data, and Tableau is used to create dashboards. In certain situations, we use the programming language R and Power BI. At the end of the day, we evaluate the work we have done for the day.


What are the moments from the Data Science Academy that you will remember the most?

The whole year spent at the Data Science Academy was an unforgettable experience. I would like to highlight the moment of announcing the winner in the international challenge for the best visualization in PowerBi and sharing those beautiful emotions with the team. Another great experience was creating the winning solution on a project for Macedonia2025.


What is your advice to those who want to make a career transformation in one of the most challenging and highest-paid professions like Data Science?

Determination and desire is the answer! Don’t hesitate to change your career, because you will change your life at the same time. And, whatever you decide – good luck with it! 


The enrollment for the next Data Science Academy is in progress! The interest is too high and the number of places limited, so make sure you save your slot on time!

Make an appointment with our student success manager for more details about the program!

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