It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life!

Meet Pavlina Kocheva from the Data Science Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for February.

She is a living example that it is never too late to start a new chapter in your professional life. 


In this interview, Pavlina shares why Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp is challenging, dynamic, and never boring. 


Tell us a bit about yourself. What were you doing before you came to Brainster?

After graduating from the Faculty of political sciences, I had vast working experience in different areas in the private sector, primarily in financial institutions.

But then, several online SQL lessons I watched on the internet had a revelational impact on me. I realized that dealing with data is surprisingly exciting and could bring me something new in my life. 

This was when I enrolled in Brainster’s Business Intelligence Bootcamp. And after successfully finishing it, I knew I wanted more. This is where I realized Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp is the right place for me.


What is your typical day in Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp?

My daily work doesn’t allow me to devote myself to Data Science as much as I want, but you always find a time when you love something. 

After the classes we have on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (Saturdays sometimes), and on a daily level, I spend a couple of hours practicing, working on exercises, homework, and challenges.


Since the Bootcamp is remote, how do you collaborate with your colleagues and instructors?

Slack, Zoom, and Brainster platforms proved to be excellent tools for communication with instructors and other students.


From the first class of Data Science Bootcamp, I remember…

I remember how nervous and excited I was at the same time. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure whether I could keep up with the material. I was excited because of the opportunity of a brand new world of possibilities for me.


Did you have any coding experience before applying to Bootcamp?

No. My only coding experience was during the Business Intelligence Bootcamp.


Since you started learning, what has been the most challenging thing so far?

Right now, I am just halfway through the course. There are another two modules ahead. I am pretty sure the most challenging things are about to come.


What area of Data Science that you have set out to master?

I think it is still too early to think about mastering it. I am still learning, and I am aware that I have a lot more to learn. So far, I have enjoyed learning both SQL and Python.


Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into Data Science in 2022?

It is never too late for a new chapter in professional life. Data Science is challenging, dynamic, and never boring. I believe it will be worth learning it.


The enrollment for the upcoming Data Science group is in progress! 

Make an appointment with our student success manager for more details about the program!


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