Stefan from the Data Science Bootcamp is the new Data Analyst at X3M Labs

Meet Stefan Serafimoski – our student from the Data Science Bootcamp. Stefan is one of those students who was 100% dedicated to the program and worked hard on real projects. Immediately after graduation, his work was rewarded with employment in the IT company X3M Labs as a Data Analyst.


We talked to Stefan about his student days in Brainster and how he applies the knowledge and skills acquired in his new job.


First of all, congratulations on the new job because you managed to obtain your dream job role. Let’s start from the beginning. When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in Data Science?

Thanks for the congratulations! My desire to start a career in Data Science happened accidentally. I was scrolling through social networks and noticed an ad from Brainster. I opened the ad, read the whole Data Science Bootcamp, and it got me intrigued. 

I have always been interested in mathematics and statistics, so the Machine learning module seemed quite challenging. After additional research on the internet, I realized that Data Science is an excellent fit for a person with an affinity for analytics, mathematics, and statistics.


One of the “hardest” Brainster Academies is the Data Science Bootcamp, due to the intensive program and work on real projects that require a lot of study time. How did your commitment to study hard help you land this job?.

It was definitely not easy to be part of this Data Science Bootcamp. The program was very intensive, and I didn’t have much free time to study and practice because I was employed at that time.

We all put a lot of effort into mastering the Data Science material and gaining the necessary skills. I am delighted that very soon after graduating from the Data Science Bootcamp, I managed to get a job. This confirmed to me that commitment always pays off!


Which module was most interesting to you, and which one required more focus and was a real challenge for you? Why? 

The most interesting and, at the same time, the most challenging module for me was Machine Learning, primarily because it summarizes all the previous skills and knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming (Python).


Tell us something more about your career journey. How would you describe this whole process, from student to employment?

After graduating from the Data Science Bootcamp, I kept in touch with representatives from Brainster. They were the ones who gave me a recommendation for the new company. After an interview and testing in the company, I got a job offer and accepted it.


Your new job is at X3M Labs. What is the company about?

It is an IT company that develops games and applications based on artificial intelligence.


What are your job responsibilities in X3M Labs? 

My job position is Data Analyst, so my primary responsibilities include working with databases, data visualization, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) problems.


We wish you a lot of success and productivity in your new job! What is your advice to those who want to make a career transformation in one of the most challenging and highest-paid professions like Data Science?

For all those who have an analytical mind and an affinity for mathematics and statistics, Data Science is the right career path. The opportunities are enormous because there are too many different job positions in the field of Data Science, and there are many new ones that will appear in the future. 

When I started with the Data Science Bootcamp, there wasn’t that much demand for this area. But in the last few months, the demand is expanding, and it will continue to grow. Therefore, I strongly believe that now is the right time to study Data Science.


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