How doеs Damjan Obal kick-off the Brainster UX/UI Design Bootcamp?

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There are plenty of learning resources online. Anyone can learn almost anything, but, trial and error could go on forever.


True experience comes when you combine knowledge with intuition. Time and practice can’t be out of the equation.

Brainster’s on the mission to optimize the learning process.  The UX/UI Design Bootcamp immerses students in a hands-on and project-based journey. The participants progress through the course of 6 months, graduating with a portfolio of projects, launching them on the job market.

The first instructor – Damjan Obal – is a design professional with 20 years of professional experience. His task is to help students lay the foundation in their education process. If you’re asking yourself ‘How does learning with Damjan look like?’ The best answer for this question would be  ‘Don’t take our word for it and be part of one!’. You can check out this recorded lecture with him.



How doеs Damjan Obal kick off the Brainster UX/UI Design Bootcamp?

Firstly, he gives students some at-home materials before the Bootcamp even starts. All Bootcamp participants do some self-paced preparation before they meet each other. This way, the whole group has a basic understanding of the most important concepts before teamwork and collaboration is required of them.

The module lasts for 4 weeks, and the group slowly progresses by completing materials, tasks, homework, and a lot of reading.


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Week 0 – Intro to UX

The goal of the 0 week is to understand the bigger scope and where’s the UX practice coming from, (rooted in older disciplines such as Architecture, Library sciences, Typography, Human factors engineering.)


Admissions are open for the next UX/UI Design Bootcamp. Apply for a chance to future-proof your career by learning from the best professionals around the globe.


Week 1 – Discover and Define

From framing a UX project to making a research plan and synthesizing the research, this module kicks off the Bootcamp by laying the foundation. Students get familiar with the process(es) of designing user-centred products.


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Week 2 – Design

Students go through the several stages of developing a solution: Defining the problem, ideating solutions, sketching low fidelity and high fidelity solutions, prototyping the experience, defining the information architecture, and setting the basics of interaction design (UI design, visual design).



Week 3 Validate & Present

Usage of qualitative and quantitative testing and validation methods, taking away applicable processes and methodologies.


At the end of this module students clearly demonstrate the understanding of the UX process(es) and how to apply different disciplines (IxD, IA, Research) and methods. They are equipped with several examples of how to kick off a UX project. They are ready for module 2!

How to get into the UXUI Design Bootcamp at Brainster

Admissions are open for the next UX/UI Design Bootcamp. Apply for a chance to future-proof your career by learning from the best professionals around the globe.

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