How to get into the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster?

How to get into the UXUI Design Bootcamp at Brainster
UX Design. Is it the future? Or just another buzzword?

A good user experience has become crucial and vital to business success. The more users the companies have, the more job opportunities for people like you, interested in UX design.

By knowing the fact that 55% of the visitors spend 10-20 seconds on a website, it’s obvious why is it important to provide a great user experience and ensure high engagement.

An innovative user experience is as much a differentiator, as the price. UX designers don’t just focus on creating usable products, they need to go beyond pixels – working closely with designers, researchers, engineers, managers, business stakeholders, and clients.

Only those products and services that provide a seamless user experience will succeed on the market and make customers repeat visits. That is why the UX designer must consider what’s best for the user and the overall user experience.

They get vast opportunities to get into the life of different people to make a product that can solve the problem of their life. Great designers deliver wonderfully, considered, and memorable user experiences.

By connecting the users with the product, knowing what’s best for the user and the overall user experience, UX fulfils the users’ needs and business goals. 

According to UX Designer salaries, the annual UX designer entry-level salary is estimated to be $52,683.

The UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster is an intensive and immersive, six-month programme that prepares students for entry-level and junior UX designer jobs. 

From the basics of design, user research, rapid prototyping, usability testing, sketching, product design, interface design, wireframing, responsive design, interaction design and tools like Figma, AdobeXD and InVision, it enables students to start and finish various projects.

The Bootcamp provides students with experience using tools and technology relevant to today’s market.

During this Bootcamp, you will finish real-life projects, and build a job-ready portfolio while mentored by industry-leading instructors.

What exactly can a UX/UI Design Bootcamp do for me?

The objective and the biggest benefit of Bootcamp is to make you job-ready. This doesn’t mean that you’ll become a master in this field in just a couple of weeks. 

The Bootcamp keep abreast of the changing times and equip students with the right skills to excel in the future job market.

We create a programme to help participants master and engross the necessary high-end skills that are essential for UX/UI Design in a pre-professional setting.

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Do students need to have a technical background to enrol?

If you think entering the field of UX/UI design it’s beneficial to have a background in art, design, marketing, psychology, software development, or any industry that is complementary to UX/UI Design, BUT it’s not essential to get started.

The Bootcamp is entry-level and doesn’t require previous experience, as every student is equipped with self-paced learning before the Bootcamp starts. The prep programme will meet your needs and prepare you with a solid foundation on the basic concepts of UX/UI Design and you will be set up for the main challenges ahead.

Once you’ve got a solid understanding of the essentials of UX/UI Design, it’s your responsibility to start the continuous journey of learning, practising and flex your skills to ease the transition into the future workforce.

If you don't know what career path to choose, you can schedule a meeting for career guidance.

We can help you steer your career in the right direction, so you can make changes that last a lifetime.
What you will learn at the Bootcamp?

When choosing a Bootcamp you should keep in mind to pursue a programme that’ll give you enough depth and breadth of knowledge.

It is important to have a solid foundation to start and develop a career in the UX/UI Design field.

The programme curriculum is designed in line with the current industry trends and you will be taught skills and tools that are most in-demand within the industry. It helps you to learn what the industry is presently looking for, so you can put your best effort into mastering it.

UX designers have the ability to solve problems, the desire to learn continually, and are passionate about tech. They are both analytical and detail-oriented, communicative, and interested in psychology.

A UX designer combines various UX research, UX design, UI design, and coding skills.

Who are the instructors at this Bootcamp?

Our instructors are the crucial part of a quality learning experience at Brainster.

You’ll have a chance to learn from industry experts with impressive track records in their field, who will give you useful insights into what works in the real world and what doesn’t.

The instructors work in the field by day and teach by night. They have hands-on insights from the field they teach in and are always updating the curriculums as trends, tools, and tech evolves. 

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What kinds of projects I will work on at the UX/UI Design Bootcamp?

You will work on different types of projects, and build a job-ready portfolio, while mentored by industry leader instructors. That will help you get a broad range of experience and to develop a portfolio of interesting real-life projects, to talk about once you reach the interview room.

This experience will help you tremendously when you get a job as a professional UX designer. 

Check out a variety of projects completed by our students during the 6-month Bootcamp programme.

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What happens after the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp will prepare you for the future of work, by equipping you with the end-to-end skills you need to start a job in UX/UI Design.

The skillset you’ll acquire is on the “most wanted” list across various industries such as IT, Finance, Healthcare, Telco, Insurance, Urban planning, etc.

This intensive curriculum is designed to help you choose a domain where you will shape your future career – whether it is as a product designer, user researcher, UX designer, UI designer, product manager, or go to management once you become a senior.

By the time you finish the Bootcamp, you will have built a portfolio of individual and group projects, giving you a highly competitive advantage in the job market. You will be able to showcase your talent and skill by presenting your work done on the Bootcamp.

The Career Team at Brainster will support you in making your next career move. With our help, you will build a career you love and join a UX team in some of the best techs companies on the market.

Finally, if you want to be a standout UX designer, you need to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest market trends. Don’t forget that learning is a continuous process.

UX/UI design is one of the top five in-demand skills according to a LinkedIn report. It is a dynamic, evolving field that requests constant learning, exploring new ways of working, adapting and practising creative problem-solving. And this is how you should keep updating your UX design skills to become an expert in the domain. 

What do our students say?

We asked some of the students about their Bootcamp experience. Find out what they think!

What you need to know:
  • A free Prep programme will get you a solid foundation on the basic concepts of UX/UI Design and the Tech industry.
  • The Bootcamp is a high-intensity 6-month industry-aligned programme, with 3-live after-work classes per week, peer-to-peer learning and 5on1 mentorship sessions
  • This is an online and part-time programme with classes 3-times a week, after office hours (from 6 pm to 8 pm CET), in a virtual classroom with top-notch instructors. To ensure real-time support and quality interaction class sizes are limited to a max of 20 students.
  • During this Bootcamp, you will finish real-life projects, and build a job-ready portfolio while mentored by industry-leading instructors.
  • You will be surrounded by people who’re passionate about the field just like you.
  • The Career Team at Brainster will support you from day 1 in making your next career move, including preparation for job interviews, networking opportunities, and career coaching after finishing the programme.
  • After graduating from this Bootcamp, you will get lifetime access to our Online Learning App for discovering resources, new tools, and topics, available to you – forever.

If you have ever thought about a future-proof career in UX/UI Design, have a look at our remote Bootcamps

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