Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Some would say that 2020 was the grimmest year in our lifetime. This time last year, we were excited to enter the roaring twenties with a bang We got a type of bang that turned the world upside down and confined us in our homes. A type of bang that no one expected.

Despite this being an unbelievably challenging year, Brainster and its community have achieved the most prodigious success so far. The storm came from a clear sky when no one was ready. But acting fast was the key to overcoming it. Dodging the bullets was a multiplayer game and each team member made an impact. Nevertheless, we’d like to perceive 2020 as a reset year that accelerated digitization, catalyzed tech, and propelled the world into the future. Great things are built following unconventional paths.

These are our 2020 highlights.

Helping 509 alumni land new jobs

Lay-offs didn’t stop creeping for 9 months, but certain scarce profiles — mostly in tech — were hardly affected. While the world was on hold, our primary focus was on students and their motivation to keep pushing instead of giving in to adversity. They invested all those extra quarantine hours or polishing graduation projects, perfecting CV’s, and practicing killer interview strut. We believe that persistence can be taught, and it is highly contagious as well. Ivona and Nikola are among our highest achievers this year, landing full-remote jobs at the Slovak company i.ERP!. 

Going international and fully remote

As social distancing measures came in place, we transferred all our Bootcamps online and launched them in three additional cities: Vienna, Zagreb, and Ljubljana. Instead of losing 100% of our businesswe scaled it beyond our projections for 2020. We launched the Brainster Virtual Classroom for online learning in a matter of days, after which we continued upgrading the infrastructure with custom tools, and an online learning platform. We’ll continue investing in online learning in 2021 — so stay tuned. For nowadmissions are open for our second international batches in Data Science and UX/UI Design.

   Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Opening a new 500m2 Brainster Space 

Even though we had only a month to enjoy the new office before lockdown, our Space is sitting pretty until the pandemic is over. 

Brainster Space

Completing high-tech Data Science Student Projects 

In contemporary times driven by dataData Scientists are doing the heavy lifting in the tech industry. After mastering all modules on the Data Science Bootcamp, the graduates presented their completed high-tech projects on Demo Day. A Computer Vision Model #1, Machine Learning Based Bank Marketing Model, an NLP Chatbot,  and another Computer Vision Model were among the most complex projects completed on our Bootcamps – to date. Kudos to all graduates – we are humbled by your persistence and proud of your achievements!

Growth: Skyrocketing numbers

  • The Team keeps growing: We welcomed 17 new employees this year: BrankicaSergej, Stefan, Ivica, Mia, Daria, Stefan, Simona, Simona, VesnaBojan, Ana, Tamara, William, Jovana, Ilina, Aleksandar. The first Dev Team in the company has been built. Let’s make some rockets together!
  • New Expert Instructors: 50+ new industry-leading professionals entered the teaching team to deliver top-notch knowledge transfer, assistance, and support for our graduates.
  • New in-demand programs: we launched Bootcamps for UX/UI Design and Software Testing. 
  • Our alumni number surpassed 9.000, having 1.000 new students in 2020 alone.
  • A 150%+ yearly growth for 3rd year in a row


Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

Now over to you. What would you execute in the following six months if your life depended on it? Whatever your life goals may be, our 2021 wish to you is to have the courage to pursue them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family, to yours!

Inside Brainster: Best of 2020

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