Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month

Month of May has been hectic and full of activities at Brainster International.

We launched a new UX/UI webinar to help young designers tackle trending challenges in the field, we provided solutions to the disadvantages of remote studying, we had two student of the month awards, and we launched two blog series: Career Journey and Meet Our Star Instructors, and more…

These are the Brainster’s May highlights:

We Launched Career Journey

Considering how exceptional our participants’ life stories are, and how their unique career journeys can be instructional for all aspiring individuals, we decided to launch a new series were each month, we will reveal how they came about to decide on their career paths and what exactly determined the choices they made. 

Our first sneak peek was into Daniel Varga’s world. 

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We present our Star Instructors

Having in mind that Brainster International’s instructor lineup is full of accomplished international professionals, we decided to properly present them to the public. In this series, you get to learn about their life, their careers, and see some of their amazing work.

Our first presentation had to be about Damjan Obal – a world renowned designer and researcher.

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We improved Remote Studying

Knowing how Remote Studying can pose some challenges to students, we presented solutions on how to overcome them, and in many instances – how to run them into advantages. In doing so, we’ve managed to make the lives of our students easier, and the learning experience better and more efficient. 

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REMOTE STUDYING – Turning disadvantages into advantages

We hosted a Free Webinar on Web Accessibility Design with Patricija Perše

Patricija covered one of trending challenges in UX/UI design – how to design within web accessibility standards! As a web design senior and savant, with experience in working with major brands and industry-leading companies in Slovenia and various international projects in the UK and USA, she taught our participants about the main principles of web accessibility standards and the tools that will help them design a better visual experience.

Designing for People with Patricija Perse


Not One, but Two SOTM!

For month of May we had, not one, but two Students of the Month! That’s how exceptional our students are. Both Victoria and Bojan have shown excellent progress, overcoming obstacles and fulfilling their potential by accomplishing amazing things at the UX/UI Design and Data Science Bootcamp, respectively. 

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Meet our Students of the Month | Brainster


Aleksandar Chaminski, Brainster CSO: How to future-proof your career

Our very own Aleksandar Chaminski delved deep into the skills and attitude on how to future-proof your career. At the beginning of May, he sat down with Irina Obushtarova from The Recursive to discuss the challenges the ever-evolving job market poses for the new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs and how Brainster is helping them adapt and even land their dream job.

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Aleksandar Chaminski, Brainster CSO: How to future-proof your career

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