Inside the Brainster community – Highlights of the month

Hello May!

The approach of summer is always associated with beautiful, carefree warm days filled with lots of free time. But believe it or not, summer may be the best time to make the desired career transformation or launch a new career.

We challenge you not to miss the opportunity to use this summer to the maximum and most productively as you can!

Spoiler alert: The obsessive care for our students has resulted in 13 hires, 2 promotions and 1 internship in this past month.

So, the news from April refers to the improvement of the experience of our students and the hires with which their work was rewarded!



5 reasons why UX design is a promising career for you

Are you dreaming about what a day in a new role would look like? You’re wondering if you have the “proper” background to begin working with something you’ve always enjoyed? It can be both disorienting and exhilarating to choose a new career path. 

If UX Design is on your list of possible careers, you may still wonder: is UX design a promising career for me? Read more!



Open call for companies

The increase in demand for quality staff in the IT sector is evident, which is why we enable companies to access a database of Brainster talents, helping them find a sustainable way of hiring suitable staff. The call is open for companies hiring digital talent in-office, remote, full-time or part-time. Read more!


Future-proof your career!


Why you should attend a Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster?


Become a Data Scientist and start shaping the future. An intensive 8-months Bootcamp based on learning through work on real-life projects, to conquer key domains like Data Engineering in SQL, Data Analysis, Software Engineering in Python, Maths & Stats for Applied ML, ML, and predictive models. Join our international community of over 10.000 alumni today! Read more!


How to get into the UXUI Design Bootcamp at Brainster


Become a UX/UI designer and start shaping the future. Our 7-month live online Bootcamp helps you to master the most in-demand skills and boost your career. Gain T-shaped skills and level up by working with our Career Coach and land a hiring opportunity. Join our international community of over 10.000 alumni today! Read more!


Admissions for the Autumn Bootcamps are open!

As the Autumn Bootcamps are approaching, we invite everyone who’s interested to book a call with our student admission team. 


What do you want to be when you grow up?