Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month / December 2021

What a year, right?

Whether you changed your career in 2021 or are still gathering the courage to do that in 2022, we are here to support your efforts to land the job of your dreams.

Spoiler alert: In December, we helped 22 of our students wrap up this year with the job position of their dreams. Cheers to that!

As we start planning about our 2022 goals, let’s look back at our highlights that marked December.



Stronger Together: Helping an NGO on their mission against violence and human trafficking

Students from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp helped an NGO fight against violence and human trafficking through UX research and a brand new design. We are happy to have collaborated with Open Gate to land them a hand in achieving their mission. Read more.



The Largest Cross-Academy Collaboration At Brainster

We organized an international cross-academy collaboration, which brought together the strengths and skills of students from our Bootcamps in Austria and Macedonia. This time, we were working on a project for VA Engineering, a company that operates globally with a significant focus on European countries. This company offers high-quality services in the construction industry. Read more.



Meet Tomislav Petrović – Brainster’s student of the month for November 2021

It’s always a tough call to pick the student of the month, with so many ambitious and creative minds trying to maximize the potential of their skills. This month, Tomislav Petrović, a student at our UX/UI Design Bootcamp, stood out from the crowd because of how far he challenges himself and shows that everything is possible if you are fully committed to it. Read more.



To become a great UX designer, ensure to overcome all the excuses you have!

Meet Martina Dimkoska – an alumna from our UX/UI Design Bootcamp, who immediately after completing the program started a career in UX Design as a Web Designer at R3 Infomedia. We talked to Martina about her new job and how the UX/UI Design Bootcamp prepared her for diving deep into the UX design world. Read more.



DEPT – Brainster’s new hiring partner

In this blog, we’re presenting to you our newest hiring partner- DEPT. DEPT is an international digital agency spread over 15 countries across Europe and America, with over 30 offices and more than 2,000 employees. Read more.


That’s all, folks! 

Cheers to a wonderful year and an amazing one ahead of us!


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