Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month / February 2022

Happy March, folks!

Yes, February may be the shortest month of the year, but for us, it was full of successes, such as helping 20 people land the job of their dreams.

Let this newsletter serve as a friendly reminder that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest (and we are always here to help you with that!).

Here are the blog articles that marked February:


Food for thought for UX/UI enthusiasts…



Meet Laura Portillo from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp – our Student of the Month for January. Laura believes that nothing comes easy. She encourages everyone to consider UX/UI design as the right career choice if they like technology and design. Read more.



5 reasons why it is better to enroll in UX/UI Design Academy than learn on YouTube in 2022

Starting a career in UX design with no prior experience can be overwhelming. However, one cannot deny the fact that it is an exciting field to focus on, right? There’s so much to learn and absorb in the field of UX design. Going from complete novice to professional appears to be an impossibility. Knowing where to begin is the most challenging task. Read more.



5 reasons why user experience is essential for SEO

The days of improving your rankings from backlinks and keyword stuffing are long gone. As the days pass by, search engines are getting smarter. They are shifting their focus to the user experience. How did that happen? And what can you do about it? Read more.


Food for thought for Data Science enthusiasts…



The time you spend learning is always valuable!

Developing her passion for learning Data Science helps her grow as a professional every day. Putting the knowledge into action just shows that she has chosen the right career path for her. Meet Ljupka Sakaliska from the Data Science Bootcamp – Student of the Month for January. Read more.



Don’t wait for the perfect timing – just try it and see if this sparks interest in you!

If anyone knows how to balance education and family, that is definitely Maria Ronacher, our student at the Data Science Bootcamp. She serves as an excellent example that when you want something so badly, you will find time to do it, no matter what. In this interview, Maria talks about her experience with the Data Science Bootcamp and how she balances learning and taking care of her kids. Read more.



Everything you need to know if you want to start learning Data Science today

Have you ever thought about the power of data? Have you ever considered exploring, analyzing data, and collecting meaningful and insightful findings from data pools? Are you looking to switch your career into one of the hottest career fields today? If you are interested in adding data science skills to your portfolio, this is the article for you. Read more.



Everything you need to know to start a career in Data Science

If the idea to turn data into action sounds interesting, then data science may be the right career path for you! The numbers just confirm it. The job market for data science professionals expanded by 35% this year. When growing at this speed, imagine what will happen in just a few years. The good news is that the supply of data professionals can’t keep up with the demand. This means that now more than ever, it’s the perfect time to enter this rapidly-growing job market, and in this article, you will see how. Read more.


We will wrap up with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever!



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