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Hello August! Vacation mode: Activated! 🏖️

New beginnings and semesters always bring beautiful and unforgettable experiences whether it is a complete career transformation, improvement of your skills, new career or desire to learn something more.

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The key to successful learning is balance between organization and self motivation

Meet Gracijela Maltašić from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp  our Student of the Month for June.

„Prepare to enter a whole new world of limitless ideas and possibilities – UX/UI is giving you the opportunity to learn on a daily basis, regardless the education background and previous working experience.“ Read more! 



RYCO – Brainster’s new co-innovation partner

Working on real projects is one of the critical activities for all Brainster Bootcamps. It aims to prioritize the learning process by solving real-life problems. This activity is of mutual benefit for our student’s experience and the companies that need innovative solutions for their projects. Read more!



How Virtual Reality is changing higher education

In recent years, virtual reality has played a huge role in modern education at all levels. Many higher education institutions around the world use this technology to provide students with new and unique learning experiences. Read more!


What do you want to be when you grow up?