Inside the Brainster Community – Highlights of the month

This spring the Brainster team welcomed the new batch of international Bootcamp participants learning UX/UI Design and Data Science. As much as it is exciting for the participants, the Brainster team always has some last-minute jitters before initiating a new Bootcamp.

Will we have any class-skippers in this batch? Will we break our PB on finding jobs for the students? Which instructor will be the favourite one this year? Many questions remain unanswered until the moment of the first intro class. Our Student Success Manager Maya orchestrates the whole onboarding process leaving nothing to chance. Birds start to sing and the journey begins – a group of young people are starting to transform their careers!


These are the Brainster April highlights:


We launched our ‘Future of jobs’ report.

The job market is moving at full speed and some professions have it better than others. The data from the latest report of the World Economic Forum – The future of jobs report for 2020 – states that the job market will be significantly different in the next 10 years. It is estimated that as much as 50% of jobs will be replaced by automation. Check our Future of jobs report.

The future of jobs report: North Macedonia


We declared Horia-Iulian State a student of the month

Since early on in the Math & Stats module, Julian has been a devoted participant. Apart from fostering curiosity and open-mindedness, he demonstrated an unwavering will to build onto existing knowledge and acquire new skills, even if it meant facing some demons from the past education. Finally, his outgoing, jocular spirit has made our in-class experience smoother, and invaluable. Meet the champ.

Meet Horia-Iulian State – Student of the month | Brainster


We dived into data – who is a better player between Michael Jordan and LeBron James?

Business Intelligence is one of the most attractive modules at the Data Science Bootcamp because it finds application in all business areas. The Brainster students Filip and Aleksandar, completed a detailed data analysis to objectively solve one of the biggest sports dilemmas of Today – Who is the basketball G.O.A.T between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, at the moment when most needed? Read more.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time The answer lies in the data


Our students successfully completed a UX/UI Design hackathon

As a part of our Bootcamp, the students get to work together in teams, towards the same objective for a client. The challenging part was to come up with a solution in just 48 hours! This hackathon brought creative minds together to tackle the challenge given by our Learning partner, Traders Alloy. This is an early-stage start-up concerning Financial Markets for ordinary people. They already have a desktop application, and they like to offer a mobile application. So this is where our students jump into.

The teams developed four innovative and fresh UX/UI design solutions for a mobile app. They have learned a lot during the hackathon, about their colleagues, their skills and also about themselves. Read more.


Meet our expert team

The Bootcamp instructors are the creative force behind the success of our students. They teach, mentor, direct, show the way and most importantly go the way when it comes to transforming careers. Meet the instructing team on the UX/UI Design and Data Science Bootcamps.


The admissions for the next batch of students are open. Join us and future-proof your career by building a top-notch and job-ready portfolio.

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