Inside the Brainster Community: March 2021

Inside the Brainster Community: March 2021

This Spring marks 1 year of the new normal. Learning online, working from home, online shopping and yoga in the living room are our reality. This Spring inspired our team to reflect and think – How are learning and jobs different now, 1 year into the pandemic?

These are our March highlights, filled with content on careers, jobs, and technology.



Brainster Article: Making a Career Shift in Times of Pandemic

It’s no surprise, then, that many people are reconsidering their futures in the wake of the latest pandemic. Is now, though, the best time? Even those who didn’t get sick felt other types of uncertainties during the past year—mental, emotional, and even existential.


Making a Career Shift in Times of Pandemic


Choosing a new career: What does a Data Analyst do?

They aren’t data scientists, but they aren’t statisticians either. The combination of data and tech certainly sounds intriguing, right?


What does a data analyst do_Brainster


Brainster lecture on Absurd UX Design

Watch the lecture ”Absurd Design Speaks Louder” with Angeliki Angeletou and gets inspired to start thinking out of the box.


Absurd design - it doesn’t have to be beautiful to offer a great user experience


UX/UI Design Student Project

Working on real projects is a mandatory part of the program and a process that each of the students must complete. Through working on real projects for real clients, students learn from each other and have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and their creativity.

The most recent challenge they had to face was to individually design an e-shop for our learning partner, the digital printing house, MyPrint. 


New project in the student's portfolio from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp


Anita Miskovic is the student of the month

Anita shows a natural aptitude for user interface design. She has an eye for detail, uses colour and patterns strategically and is highly participative in class. She puts a lot of dedication into her projects, asking for feedback regularly and constantly improving herself. But, most importantly, she’s a team player. Anita shares her knowledge with her colleagues and is willing to help others. Thank you for your efforts on the UX/UI Design Bootcamp!


Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster


2 new success stories

We have 2 new hires this month: Alex and Nikola joined Ryaktive, good luck in your new roles!


How can one become a part of the Brainster programs?

This is the most frequently asked question so we decided to explain it in detail. Read about what happens after you apply for the UX/UI Design Brainster Bootcamp or the Data Science Brainster Bootcamp.


What-to-expect-after-you-apply for-the-Brainster-Bootcamp


A warm welcome to our new Data Science instructor Igor

He is an instructor on the Machine Learning and Python modules at the Bootcamp. Igor is a Data Science consultant with many years of experience in the industry, 4 of which he has spent in the renowned company Procter&Gamble.


Meet Igor – Data Science instructor | Brainster


Lastly, a Brainster article: A comprehensive guide to mobile app design

To attract a more significant number of users, your app must have an exemplary user interface (UI) and provide an outstanding user experience (UX). This means that your app could look good, but this won’t be worth it if it’s not easy for the user to navigate through. Apps with confounding navigation, cognitive fatigue, and unfriendly architecture are less likely to stand out in a crowded market.


A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Design


Until the next month,

The Brainster Team


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