Inside the Brainster community – Highlights of the month

Is this your hot career summer?🔥

Humans are slowly returning to their natural habitats, global mobility is increasing, and career growth is becoming more reachable than ever.

We became used to the Earth 2.0 where people use Zoom on a daily basis, wear a mask at the grocery store, and know that careers in the digital sector are booming. As a sign of the times, we share with you our monthly highlights:



We launched 3 new Brainster Bootcamps

We created these bootcamps following our mission to continuously offer relevant education programmes created in accordance with the current job market demand. They offer an even more flexible way of learning in order to create qualified professionals who are ready for the challenges of today’s dynamic digital and tech professions.

It’s our great pleasure to inform you that our portfolio now also includes:


Full-stack Digital Marketing Bootcamp


Full-stack Web Coding Bootcamp


Business Intelligence Bootcamp

Now even the people with complicated schedules, second shifts, and other obligations can make the time to learn!


We offered a $600 UX course to our community – for free!



A summer offer they couldn’t refuse. The workshop was designed to teach the fundamentals of UX Design, upgrade skills and make the UX/UI Design career beginnings easy. Our cutting-edge learning programme was tailor-made by top-notch professionals in the field who you will get to meet and learn from during the workshop.

Here is a glimpse of the student experience:



Admissions for the Autumn Bootcamps are open

As the Autumn Bootcamps are approaching, we invite everyone who’s interested to book a call with our counseling team. 

About the Data Science Bootcamp: An intensive 8-months Bootcamp based on learning through work on real-life projects, to conquer key domains like Data Engineering in SQL, Data Analysis, Software Engineering in Python, Maths & Stats for Applied ML, ML, and predictive models.



About the UX/UI Design Bootcamp: A 6-month Bootcamp to master your skills through working on projects while learning from industry-leading instructors. Gain T-shaped skills and level up by working with our Career Coach and land a hiring opportunity.



See you around!

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