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Making a Career Shift in Times of Pandemic

Unexpected incidents or surprises disrupt our schedules, causing us to think about deep concerns regarding what really counts in our lives.

It’s no surprise, then, that many people are reconsidering their futures in the wake of the latest pandemic.

Is now, though, the best time? Even those who didn’t get sick felt other types of uncertainties during the past year—mental, emotional, and even existential. We feel insecure all the time, which isn’t exactly the right feeling to have when trying to make a career shift.

However, the coin has two sides. Making a career shift during the pandemic can be the way out. We all require something new, something that will disrupt the monotony we’ve been feeling for over a year. So, making a change that’s this substantial can actually help us feel that we are doing something meaningful.

In fact, in some cases, the career shift might be necessary. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment increased across Europe, with airlines and the car industry making some of the largest work losses in recent months. Moreover, fresh university graduates and young people are having a hard time finding their first job, or even an internship.

The Tech industry, on the other hand, has been offering new opportunities for people with different backgrounds, as one of the segments that are still in need of a talented workforce. So, regardless of whether your industry is stagnating or you just need that big change in your life, here’s why this is the right time to enter the Tech world and try a career with a secure, bright future.


You have entered a monotonous loop

Due to the feeling of insecurity, you probably haven’t thought about changing jobs during the past year. Instead, you’ve entered a loop of actions that keep repeating every day. Sometimes you even forget what day it is because every day feels like yesterday.

Being in a loop like this, even the most hard-working person will lose motivation and start feeling overwhelmed. You probably feel like you need a push and a new purpose in life to pursue.

Observe the crisis as an opportunity. Look deep inside you to find the spark that can discover what it is that you can do to start feeling fulfilled. Looking for a new role or profession is actually inspiring. It enables employees to become more educated about who they are and how they can do something that is in line with their purpose.


Your life has already changed a lot

You could have switched to working remotely or the focus of your tasks could be significantly changed due to the pandemic. Either way, you feel like you’ve already experienced a lot of change during the past period and you don’t feel encouraged to do it again.

But, let’s look at things from a different perspective. Now that you’re being pushed to adjust anyway, it may as well be a smart time to take advantage of the momentum and step in the direction you’ve always desired. No, it won’t always be fun. It also won’t be as easy as it seems. And, there may be some uncertainty. However, your current job is also in this state right now. So, rather than being dragged along by a present that might not take you where you want to get, why not take control and build the future your way?


You have to adjust

The universe is shifting at a breakneck rate. It is currently evolving regularly, and while this will slowly level down, we will never return to where we were previously. If you keep avoiding risks and staying on the same lane, it will only be a question of time before you reach a roadblock. What has worked for you in the past few years will not work in the future, so you must consider whether you want to start changing the direction now or wait for destiny to throw you into a field of pure luck.

Making a Career Shift in Times of Pandemic


You live in the era of online classes

You probably saw at least 4-5 ads for online classes during the quarantine. So, instead of just watching some short videos to kill boredom, why not take advantage of these opportunities and learn an entirely new career?

With so many online programs available, job applicants have a fantastic chance to use their leisure to learn new technologies or catch up on current knowledge thanks to social-distancing policies. Since more managers are searching for transferable expertise that can be tailored to the job at hand, employees have more freedom to apply for jobs and occupations that attract them rather than those that strictly match their previous experience and skills.


You have more time

The pandemic has gotten us into a loop, but it will pass, and you will probably never get another opportunity like this. Stop hoping for life to get back to normal when “normal” isn’t as you know it to be. Rather, take advantage of this opportunity and work on something you’ve always desired to do. What exactly do you have to lose right now? You have to ask what it will take to push you into motion. Do you really want to change things or you only want to enjoy the emotional break you get from constant dreaming of change?


You should do what makes you happy

This is a situation that no one expected, not even in their wildest dreams. However, it seems that everyone got time to reconsider their lives. They thought about the meaningful things in their lives and focused more on their mental health.

How about you? Did you think of the meaningful things in life? Did you think of what makes you happy? If yes, you’ve probably realized by now that life is short and it’s all up to you. If you don’t do what makes you happy now, you will probably never do it.

You might have a lot to risk now, but the result will be—long-term happiness. You could take action on the idea that you know deep down that you should be happier. The key is to do some self-reflection and research. Instead of looking at new things at your current employment, check into areas of interest and see if any professions could be a better match. You’ll be happier as a result, and the people around you will be too.


Embrace real change

Everyone is sick of hearing the phrase “the new normal.” However, it is real. Many facets of our interactions over the last few months will become habitual in the future. Intense cycles of transition can be frightening, but seizing new possibilities in the middle of the chaos prepares you to adapt to and succeed in whatever “normal” emerges.

Making a Career Shift in Times of Pandemic

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