Guest Blog: Why Should You First Analyze the Website Before Optimization

The Internet is the most significant discovery of our generation’s time. It transformed the world into a global village that became a place for people to reconnect, communicate, buy and sell, pay bills, and run errands. Even more, in the last two years, it became the world’s largest working place because many of the people were prevented from working from their job positions due to Covid19. 

During the pandemics, the Internet offered tremendous opportunities to earn money, enabling the smooth flow of running the businesses. All businessmen who could transition to working online succeeded in overcoming the crisis, unlike those brick and mortar businesses that closed down.

Still, not every business with a website succeeds in overtaking their online competition because not every website is optimized the right way to get high rankings on Google SERPs (search engine results pages).


Why Must the Website Be Optimized?

Google is a world leader who owns 86.5% of the market share compared to the other search engines that own the remaining. It means that the position you rank on Google for the relevant keywords for your business is vital – the higher it is, the bigger the chances are to attract new website visitors. 

In fact, that is how the whole online business world functions – people invest a lot in their websites to have them made fast and functional with a superior UX and its optimization for the search engines. 

The SEO-optimized website has excellent tech features and excellent content strategy that Google notes in crawling and indexing the pages. Thus, it evaluates it as an authoritative and reliable website that offers excellent content and ranks it high for the relevant keywords on the first page on SERP. Taking into consideration the fact that the first three ranking positions get the highest share of clicks – an imposant number of 61.5% (the 1st: 32.5%, the 2nd: 17.6%, and the 3rd: 11.5%) – it is clear how important it is that one website must be optimized. 


How to Optimize a Website?

The optimization of the website is a pretty complex process that includes the expertise of different professionals. However, in order to optimize it, first, you need to analyze it thoroughly. 


  • Step 1: Website Analysis

The analysis is divided into three parts: tech analysis, content analysis and analysis of the competition. The tech analysis consists of all improvements of the structure and the architecture of the website and fixing all elements and features that make up the user experience. 

The content analysis scans the whole content on the website, especially on the target web pages on which we want to attract visitors. The content is analyzed and evaluated whether it is unique, original, has the relevant keywords, and conveys the brand message clearly and reader-friendly. Also, the internal linking between the pages is analyzed – whether the pages with similar content are properly interlinked. Finally, this analysis also looks at the blog section of the website – does it exist, are there regularly published posts and are these posts optimized and of excellent quality. 

Last but not least is the online competition analysis – that is, the online businesses that are ranked in better positions than you and tackle the questions why they are in front of you – what is it that makes them better than you and what is their strategy for optimization. 


  • Step 2: Analysis Results Summary and Action Plan

The second step in the optimization process is to summarise all the results and information and plan an action plan that will prioritize the issues that must be fixed immediately. This action plan will set the strategy for optimization because once the website issues are tackled and resolved, the off-page strategy continues (building a network of backlinks, participating in forum discussions and communities, and writing guest posts on other websites with backlinks to your website).


  • Step 3: On-going Strategy

It must be known that optimization is not a process that starts and finishes in a certain predetermined period, and then all you have to do is wait for results. No, not at all. It is a process that lasts and goes on, and it should follow the last Google trends. Off-page SEO activities must be done constantly without stopping, and the website should be updated from time to time in order for the strategy to bring results. 


Analysis and Optimization Benefits

As you can understand from above, the website analysis detects and reveals the online visibility problems – what is it that prevents your website from being highly positioned on Google SERPs.

Therefore, the benefits are apparent:

  • Improved Website UX 
  • More organic traffic 
  • Brand awareness and popularization of the business
  • Establishing a long-lasting marketing strategy
  • Overtaking the online competition


What Happens with Macedonian Business Websites?

Unfortunately, very few of the Macedonian businessmen recognize the potential of Google and the free marketing it offers. There aren’t many Macedonian business websites that are appropriately optimized for the Google search engines, even though more and more people use keywords to search for the things they want to buy. 

One of the reasons is that Macedonian businessmen consider optimization to be a considerable investment that won’t give them results instantly, so that they will lose money in the process. However, they don’t understand that once the strategy starts giving results, the organic traffic to their website will significantly increase, and in the same way, more and more leads will convert. 

You can see that the world has advanced in the way it thinks and functions. The leader companies invest thousands of dollars to be positioned as high as possible on the first page on Google SERPs because around 32.5% of the leads that will search with the relevant keyword connected to the product or the service they sell will click on their results and will enter the buyer’s funnel of conversion. 

It is worth it to think about the opportunity to have a free advertisement on Google that lasts and lasts, isn’t it?




Branko Ilishev

Co-founder and Head of SEO at SmartClick

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