What are your career opportunities with digital marketing?

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find a business that doesn’t invest in digital marketing to boost its promotional efforts and grow revenue.

Now more than ever, businesses must do their best to follow up with the rapidly changing markets and keep up with the ever-evolving technologies and digital marketing strategies available to them.

As a result, digital marketing budgets are growing double-digit every year. Total global spending is projected to reach $306 billion by the end of 2021, keeping the digital marketing field even more challenging and exciting.



What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is not that different from what you know as traditional marketing. The main differentiator is the channel they use to connect with their audience and promote their brands, services, and products using electronic devices or the internet.

Since consumers are continually spending a lot of their time online, marketers are adapting their promotional efforts to get to know and meet consumers wherever they are. Thus, digital marketing has come to the fore, with marketing strategies that include various social networks and channels, search engines, email, online publications, and other key business sites.

Today, the digital marketing field is more interesting than ever because it contains a wide range of knowledge and skill sets. It is appealing to those who consider themselves creative individuals or have more analytical or technical minds. A career in digital marketing involves a mix of skills required to succeed in the field – such as data analysis, automation software expertise, and UX / UI, presented in the Altimeter State of Digital Marketing Report.



What are the career opportunities offered by digital marketing?


Although the skills required by digital marketing specialists are immense and diverse, there are many different directions where you can build a career. 

Here are the leading roles that make this field so compelling:

  • Content marketing;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Email marketing;
  • SEO;
  • SEM;
  • Marketing automation.



  • Content marketing

Content marketing involves the process of creating and distributing consistent, valuable, and engaging content in the form of emails, blogs, videos, ads, social media posts to a clearly defined audience.

The main responsibility of the content marketing manager is to decide which types of content will best suit the target audience and engage them to stay loyal to the brand. These types of marketers work with their team members to decide how to use or reallocate pieces of content to match the different digital channels used by the business. The goal is to ensure that the created content has a long shelf life and reaches as many potential users as possible.



  • Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are at the disposal of digital marketers to promote their brands, generate followers and drive traffic to their websites to generate leads.

The role of the social media marketing manager is to determine which social media platforms are most suitable for the company’s audience, what content should be shared, at what time of day, etc. They need to select the topics that will engage their followers based on specific keywords, phrases, or hashtags. Social media is an exciting part of digital marketing for people new to the field, as its features are constantly changing and expanding to fit marketers’ needs.



  • Email marketing

Email is another channel that digital marketers can use to reach their potential customers. Applied correctly, it enables email marketing managers to strategically send emails that rise above the “noise” of crowded inboxes and provide relevant and personalized messages to subscribers that will drive value and encourage action.

Email can take many forms, such as monthly newsletters, event promotions, tips and tricks, education, holiday discounts, etc. Email marketing is a great way to direct subscribers to a company website, encouraging them to take a specific action. Email is a tried and true digital marketing method that consistently improves and challenges digital marketers to go above and beyond, ensuring that email marketers stay challenged and subscribers are informed and engaged.



  • SEO & SEM

While digital marketers need to develop a solid content marketing strategy, they need to optimize their content and websites for search engines because search engines are the first place people use to find the information they need.

There are many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve content ranking on search engines like Google. Working as an SEO can be a full-time job. The task of the SEO manager is to ensure optimization of content and web pages and adapt to the requirements of constantly changing search engine algorithms, such as Google PageRank.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing takes SEO one step further, applying many essential aspects but delivering content through digital search engine advertising, which viewers click to access. Advertisers are charged for each click on the ad. Placing money for these ads to show gives you a better chance for your audience to see the ad and click on it. PPC managers should determine which keywords will be associated with the ad, how much budget will be allocated to the advertising campaign, and what content will be promoted as part of the ad.



  • Marketing automation

The options available to marketing professionals today are constantly evolving. With marketing campaigns becoming more sophisticated, so must the technologies evolve to keep up with them. Marketing automation means the ability to use software to automate marketing operations that would otherwise be done manually.

For example, marketing automation can allow digital marketers to set up processes on various marketing tools automatically. It can be in the form of a welcome message to their new newsletter subscribers, schedule daily posts on social media, etc. Marketing automation managers collaborate on many of the roles mentioned above. They are most effective when they can take full advantage of their creative and analytical attributes.



How much do digital marketers earn?


Digital marketing has many directions, but no matter which direction you take, keep in mind that this field is in great demand, and the revenues are directly in line with marketers’ demand. 

According to Mondo’s 2020 Tech, Digital Marketing, & Creative Salary Guide, in most areas of digital marketing, digital marketers can earn $60,000 as a starting salary, advancing (up to $110,000) as you build your career. Of course, this varies in different regions and disciplines, with more technical roles tending to align with higher earnings.


How to start your digital marketing career journey?


Entering the field of digital marketing is an exciting experience. As technology continues to advance, it will become more and more compelling over time.

If you are interested in making a career transformation in the field of digital marketing, do not be afraid to research and discover different ways to enter one of the most creative professions today. You will find that there are a number of resources you can invest in to achieve your goal. 

For example, if you want to dive into SEM, Digital Marketing Google courses are the classes you need to attend. If your field of interest is content or email marketing, various digital marketing online courses can give you the foundation you need.

There are many e-learning platforms providing digital marketing courses online like Coursera or Udemy, but they won’t give you the certificate you need to kickstart your career. 

If you are truly committed to dive deep into the digital marketing route and get an internationally recognized certificate, check out our Full-Stack Digital Marketing course and be prepared to transform your career journey.



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