Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

Brainster students are startling individuals. 

That’s why each month Brainster shines a spotlight on one of the students, who is working hard to realise their dreams and ambitious career goals.

The Student of the Month is the one that has achieved exceptional success at the Brainster Bootcamp.

The student that triumphs the month: has a creative approach to working on real-life projects;  takes responsibility for completing the tasks assigned by the instructors on time; attends and actively participates in classes.

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Meet Anita Miskovic, a student from the UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Brainster, and a Student Spotlight for February 2021.

Who would best describe Anita if not those with whom she constantly collaborates, such as the UX design Bootcamp instructor, Catarina Ribeiro:

“Anita shows a natural aptitude for user interface design. She has an eye for detail, uses colour and patterns strategically and is highly participative in class. She puts a lot of dedication in her projects, asking for feedback regularly and constantly improving herself. But, most importantly, she’s a team player. Anita shares her knowledge with her colleagues and is willing to help others.”

✨ Meet Anita!

Brainster: Tell us a bit about yourself. What were you doing before you came to Brainster?
Anita: After I graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, in the department of Industrial design I started my freelance design career.

I was mostly engaged in the field of graphic design & illustration design where I gained the most experience and made some long term contracts.

Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

Brainster: What is your typical day in Brainster’s UI/UX Bootcamp?

Anita: For me, it is important to progress with the current project and learn by doing it every day. That requires a few hours of work every day before the lecture.

During the lecture, it is very important for me to follow new lessons but also to consult and get feedback on current work if possible.

Brainster: Since the Bootcamp is remote, how do you collaborate with your colleagues and instructors? What kind of support do you get from the instructors?

Anita: Our instructors are very approachable, which means that we can feel free to send them questions or ask for feedback at any time and day of the week. By using software that allows online collaboration, we got used very quickly on remote Bootcamp.

Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

Brainster: Since you started learning, what has been the most challenging thing so far?

Anita: I can’t decide which part of UX was the most challenging.

I would say that every module brought something new and challenging in its way. We were lucky enough to work on a real project on a second module with our mentor Amedea Mujezinovic, and be directly in contact with stakeholders from interviewing to testing our prototypes. That was out of my comfort zone and I appreciate it.

Brainster: From the first class of UX/UI Design Bootcamp, I remember…

Anita: Meeting new and interesting people.

Brainster: Who are your design heroes?

Anita: Dieter Rams. He has been an inspiration for many designers over the decades. I think that his ideology is invincible and timeless.

Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

Brainster: According to you, which apps have the best UX design?

Anita: Lately, I have been using a lot of Google Maps, Spotify and Uber on mobile, but on desktop, I am using every day Figma and Miro, and I love it!

Brainster: Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into UX Design in 2021?

Anita: If you want to dedicate yourself to further learning, accept the challenge because you will never know what you are capable of doing until you try it.

Meet Anita Miskovic – Student of the month | Brainster

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