Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Brainster students are startling individuals. 

That’s why each month Brainster shines a spotlight on one of the students, who is working hard to realise their dreams and ambitious career goals.

The Student of the Month is the one that has achieved exceptional success at the Brainster Bootcamp.

The student that triumphs the month: has a creative approach to working on real-life projects;  takes responsibility for completing the tasks assigned by the instructors on time; attends and actively participates in classes.

This recognition acknowledges a student who is fully dedicated to the Bootcamp.

⭐ Meet Anja Pećnik, a student from the Data Science Bootcamp at Brainster and a Student Spotlight for January 2021 🥳

In psychology, data is everything and Anja knows best, as a master of psychology. 

She understands how data science enables psychologists to dig deeply into the important challenges we face in today’s society. That’s why psychology and data science are closely tied together. Without data, it’s difficult to quantify findings that lead to more effective care and positive outcomes. 

In search of deeper learning, her path brought her to the Data Science Bootcamp.

✨ Meet Anja!

Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster
Brainster: Tell us a bit about yourself. What were you doing before you came to Brainster?

I come from Zagreb, Croatia where I’ve spent most of my life. I have a masters in psychology and before Brainster I was working as a psychologist on the mental health programme in an NGO. My job included providing individual and group psychosocial support as well as volunteer management, project evaluation and program development.

While psychology and data science at first don’t seem to have so much in common my love for data began at the university. We had lots of statistics, research methodology and psychometrics, learned a lot about measurement and validation of data. Working with people has been another love for me. Although counselling and data science seem very different, the main focus is the same.

Finding patterns and asking the right questions for understanding and optimizing behaviour. I am very curious by nature so this kind of work is very satisfying for me.

Brainster: What is your typical day in Brainster’s Data Science Bootcamp?

Anja: We are currently at the end of the python module so my typical day would consist of a Python lecture or homework in which we review the material from lectures before. Besides that, I am currently going through the materials from the Math and Stats Prep programme. This module is starting in a week so I’m freshening up my knowledge.

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Brainster: Since the Bootcamp is remote, how do you collaborate with your colleagues and instructors?

Anja: Our lectures are online via Zoom. They are recorded and can be accessed through the Brainster platform if needed. We also use Slack for sharing materials and communication.  Through Data Science Chanel there we get all the important information.

This works really well in my opinion and it also seems useful as a preparation for remote work which is getting more common.

Our instructors have been very approachable. They help us set up working environments and solve technical difficulties we might encounter. During lectures, they try to make sure everyone understands the material.

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From the first class of Data Science Bootcamp, I remember…

Anja: …the feelings of excitement and curiosity. I wondered how this all will look like and who are the people that I will share my time with. I liked the introduction part, it was interesting for me to see people coming from different backgrounds.

Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Did you have any coding experience before applying to Bootcamp?

Anja: I had no coding experience before. That part I found a bit scary and I was actually thinking of postponing enrolling in the Bootcamp until I get some experience. Now I’m glad I didn’t postpone. I’m really happy with how I’m advancing and I feel it’s easier to learn this way, with the support of the instructors. Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Since you started learning, what has been the most challenging thing so far?

Anja: The most challenging part for me was the decision to enrol. After deciding that I’m going to do this and why I’m going to do this, consistency was all that was important. I don’t miss any lectures.

What is your favourite area in which you want expertise in data science?

Anja: I can’t say that I have one at this time. Data Science is a vast area so at the time I’m expanding my knowledge of what exists in the field. I feel finding my niche is still a couple of steps ahead of me.

Brainster: Any last bits of advice that you would give to potential students who want to break into Data Science in 2021?

Anja: Data Science is a really broad area and if you try to navigate it yourself can feel overwhelming. For me, the most beneficial part of this Bootcamp is the fact that you have people actually working in the field guiding you in your learning and telling you which part is important to focus on. When you learn the basics you have tons of materials online if you want to further expand your knowledge. Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

Meet Anja Pećnik – Student of the month | Brainster

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