Meet the Data Science Bootcamp instructors

Meet the Data Science Bootcamp instructors

Our instructors play a vitally important role in the success of the Bootcamp participants.

By providing top-notch education and using their wealth of experience, they shape the minds of our next generation and find ways to maximise entrants potential. They inspire participants to embrace learning, experiment with creating and find their passion.

During this Bootcamp, the participants will finish real-life projects and build a job-ready portfolio while mentored by industry-leading instructors.

🚀  Meet our instructors! 

Blagoj Kostovski

Module: SQL

He is a Tech Lead at Seavus with over 15 years of experience in data design and implementation and administration in MS SQL Server.

In the last several years his efforts are mainly focused on exploring the Cloud data world, mainly working in the area of data architecture design, data integrations, performance tuning, and administration on solutions based on the Azure data platform.

“It is crucial for every Data Scientist to have detailed knowledge of the data that it works with. SQL is a language that offers the ability to analyze datasets, their significance, structure, and interconnections. With the help of SQL, we can easily process and format data and identify the data that we lack. Further, through filtering, aggregation, and sorting we get a detailed picture of data distribution and organization.”

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Filip Nikolovski

Module: Maths & Stats

A passionate educator and a life long learner, Filip is a maths and statistics professor with 10+ years of teaching experience. 

He has previous experience as a professor of AP/IB Maths and statistics, at Riga’s University and SBS Swiss Business School. Now he is working as a teaching assistant, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia.

The Bootcamp enables students to learn, get a sense of teamwork, participate in discussions, and execute practical tasks. Just like a simulation for a career in Data Science!

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Meet Igor – Data Science instructor | Brainster

Igor Trpevski

Module: Python and Machine Learning

He is a data science consultant with many years of experience in the industry. 

His professional portfolio contains seven years, as a researcher at MASA and four years as an R Developer & Data science consultant, at Procter & Gamble.

“There are many examples of people who transition to Data Science from different backgrounds. I would suggest anyone afraid, to read a bit on Wikipedia about Jeremy Howard’s career. The man studied philosophy and has started his career in management consulting. About 15 years later, he won several Kaggle Challenges. Now he holds Deep Learning courses for people who have never programmed in their lives.

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Marko_Data Science Bootcamp-Instructor_Brainster

Marko Karbevski

Module: Machine Learning

He is a Data Scientist coming from the private sector, with a background in pure mathematics, and has published a peer-reviewed paper. His industry expertise spans several areas such as social media, transportation and healthcare. 

Marko is passionate about both discovering & learning new theory, as well as channelling it into concrete solutions that the end-user can really benefit from.

Data Science Bootcamp-Instructor_Pedro Marcelino

Pedro Marcelino

Module: Python

As a Data Scientist, Pedro is focused on all aspects of machine learning and data analysis. The centre of his attention is on data mining & quality, exploratory analysis & visualization, and predictive/prescriptive analytics. His work also includes testing and benchmarking different machine learning approaches to real-life problems.

Pedro has experience in social startups (TreeTree2), healthcare companies (Grupo Hospital de Loulé), real estate investment (Imocalmar) and franchising businesses (Palmar).

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