REMOTE STUDYING – Turning disadvantages into advantages

Remote studying - Turning disadvantages into advantages

The web is flooded with listicles of the pros and cons of remote learning, but not enough on how to overcome the cons.

It is very well established by now that remote studying offers you quite some significant advantages that make your life easier and more productive, like: studying and having a job, saving money and time from not having to commute, studying whenever, wherever, and at your own pace, attending classes from any location of your choice, etc. However, studying remotely has also a few disadvantages, which we are going to address in order to overcome them or in best case scenarios – turn them into advantages.

Identify the challenges

The best way to identify remote learning challenges is through first hand experiences, and at Brainster we’ve had a handful of them. Our strategy has always been twofold – find quick fixes but also look for long-term improvements to avoid them in the future. In addition, we’ve developed communication processes that not only help us detect emerging issues but also to predict them.

A well examined first-hand experience gives you the opportunity to locate the most problematic spots in the whole process and therefor, the opportunity to monitor them to avoid issues before they appear. One such spot is the beginning of any course, where the rules and the proceedings of the course are laid out, the instructors and the students are introduced, hence many unknowns are present.

By putting an extra effort to communicate these unknowns in the most precise and understandable ways, minimizes the misunderstandings that might emerge. In addition, checking up with students and instructors after each session helps you identify the cases where the collective progress is stagnating.

Find Solutions

Lack of interaction has often been cited as one of the drawback of remote studying, and to some extent – rightly so. However, this issue can also be addressed in very effective ways. At Brainster, engaging students in group projects is one the pivotal activities of all our courses and bootcamps. Communication between the students, peers, and teachers is fostered through direct online messages, emails and face-to-face video conferencing to increase interaction. 

Losing out on networking with established alumni, renowned faculty and industry heads is also considered a disadvantage, yet, we have found a way to turn this around and make it one of our strongest assets. Our instructors are some of the most renowned experts in their respective fields. Our student program doesn’t end with their graduation, on the contrary, we have heavily invested in helping them start and build a career by partnering with over a hundred partners who regularly employ our alumni students. 

Issues such as internet connectivity and the inability to focus on screens for a long period have been addressed by recording each lecture so that students have the option to download and watch at their convenience. 

Additional Resources 

In addition to all these improvements, we provide free webinars for each bootcamp academy so that each prospective student gets a taste of what we offer. 

This type of self-improving process – taking the disadvantages and not only improving on them, but often turning them into advantages, is a continuous effort that strives for efficiency and betterment. 

Our main focus has been and always will be YOU – our student, our participant. 

If you are considering upgrading your skills, choosing a new career path, or are simply curious to know more about how to take advantage of remote studying, feel free to drop us a message and we’ll do our best to guide you through the process.   

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