Students from the Digital Marketing Academy create a Lead Gen strategy for IPOhub

Hristijan, Maja and Natalia are one of the most active students at our Digital Marketing Academy, as well as those who have shown great desire, ambition and love for digital marketing. They constantly work on their personal and professional skills and do not miss the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge by participating in real projects offered by the programme.

The team had the opportunity to work on a real world project for a real client under the mentorship of our instructor – Kristijan Arsov. The goal was to create a lead generation strategy for the foreign start-up IPOhub. Namely, this start-up deals with finances and investments. What the students needed to achieve was to build a strategy that would bring in 1,000 leads by the end of August 2021, followed by the big opening of IPOhub.

We talked with Hristijan, Maja and Natalia about their experience at the Academy and their work for the project.


Hello colleagues! You are one of the most active students at the Digital Marketing Academy, who showed great interest in digital marketing and did not miss the opportunity to participate in projects. What can you tell us about yourself?

Christian: Success in a certain area comes naturally if there is a desire, commitment and love for it. For me, all the projects so far, including the IPOhub project, were just an indication plus that I had chosen the right future profession.

Maja: I was engaged in several real world projects and I can say that creating strategies and working in projects was a special honor and pleasure for me because only in that way I can see for myself how the whole process should go. It was these projects that made me even more interested in digital marketing.

Natalia: Creativity was my driving force for participation in the Digital Marketing Academy. It is part of me as a person, and marketing is the right way to express myself.


Behind you are several months of hard work, a lot of commitment to the material, work on several projects, among which the project for IPOHub stands out. Congratulations on your perseverance. How has working on a real world project helped you develop your skills?

The instinct for how to solve the challenges that each profession brings, including digital marketing, is mostly developed through working on real world projects. By participating in this project we managed to reach more to the real needs and opportunities of the client, as well as to reach a better understanding of them. It all comes down to the part of each of us that is called experience, and that in itself brings better coping with the next challenges.


The last real world project you worked on was to create a lead gen strategy for a real client – IPOhub, under the mentorship of our instructor Kristijan Arsov. Give us more information about the project?

The project was about developing a lead generation strategy for Brainster’s partner – IPOhub, which is a foreign start-up company from the investment sector. This project was developed under the mentorship of the instructor Kristijan Arsov who selflessly shared his experience and knowledge with us and gave us directions that are of great importance, both for this project and for future projects.


Tell us how the whole process went? What was the goal you had to achieve?

We had an initial meeting where we met with the client and we had the opportunity, in addition to the brief given by him, to ask him additional questions that we considered important for creating a successful lead generation strategy. Its purpose was to bring 1000 leads by the end of August 2021. This date is followed by the grand opening and start-up of this company.

Immediately after the first meeting with the client, we had a meeting with our mentor Kristijan where we made a work plan and distributed responsibilities. Following the set plan and responsibilities, we organized one meeting per week to have an insight into the progress of our work. In a period of two months we managed to make and present our strategy to the client. He was very pleased with the final solution we offered him.


How did it feel to work on such a project for a foreign company? How did the whole cooperation go?

The cooperation was great. Although it was a foreign company, we always managed to meet them halfway, as well as to complement each other. We got a wide view of international digital marketing and we try to bring the world trends back to us as well.

We had several meetings with the client who was “all over the place” with their requests which our team halved without thinking with a storm of ideas. Credit also goes to our mentor Kristian who was constantly present in the process of developing the strategy and constantly advised and guided us to the right goals. This is how the successful IPOhub strategy was created.


 You are still our students at the Digital Marketing Academy. How are things going?

GREAT. The transferred experience and the already acquired knowledge begins to gain its credibility. Many of our colleagues have already been hired as digital marketers for the duration of the Academy and that actually speaks for itself. We have gained many friends as well as future business partners with whom we will have countless successes.


What motivated you to start building a career in the world of digital marketing?

Creativity. It is the most important requirement in digital marketing. Various ideas, a million ways, combinations, strategies and tests through which the real and ultimate goal can be reached. Opportunity for each person to show their creativity which in the end is measured by success.


What’s the most important lesson you have learned so far from the lectures?

The most important lesson is that if you really want to achieve something, you have to put in a lot of energy, effort and exercise. All the time spent on lectures and homework is not a problem for us because in that way we try to learn something new and gain new knowledge that will serve us for the future. Due to the great desire for new challenges, we follow the lectures with great interest, but we should not forget that the lectures are an introduction to a new science, and our additional work and work on real world projects, such as IPOhub, will open the way to digital marketing.


Find out what Christian – mentor and instructor at the Digital Marketing Academy had to say:


How was the collaboration between the students and the client while working on this project?

The IPOhub project was a great opportunity for students to experience a meeting with a real client, with someone from abroad. We started the project by preparing the students for their first meeting – what questions should be asked, what should our attitude and approach be, and what are the main information we should aim to extract. Then, we met with a representative from the IPOhub team, who was more than willing to answer any questions we had, which gave us the direction for the project that needed to be done. A bonus to all this was the fact that the meeting was in English – which further prepared the students for future cooperation with clients from abroad.

For the duration of the project, the students had their own internal channel on RocketChat where they constantly communicated about the tasks they were assigned. On occasion, once a week we had mentoring sessions where they were given feedback on what has been done so far and directions for further development.

The students presented the final project to the client completely on their own and answered the questions they were asked. I just sat there and watched them proudly. 🙂


Did you achieve the desired goal? Are the client’s requirements satisfied with the final solution?

Given the short time framework, lack of experience in the sector (a client in the investment and financial services), and the fact that the students were still in the middle of their program – I think we did a great job and proposed a very interesting marketing strategy for the client. It is now up to them whether they will use it and reap the fruits of it. 🙂


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