Inside the Brainster Community: February 2021

Welcome to the Brainster monthly newsletter! After January (was it 3 months long?), came a sunny and productive February that propelled our team in a properly efficient sprint. All systems launched – the spring semester in Brainster is almost here. These are the highlights of the month:   Brainster Book Club choice: How to win […]

Inside the Brainster Community: January 2021

brainster community

As the New Year brought new enthusiasm for the following 365 days, the Brainster Community tapped into the inexhaustible variety of career opportunities.  Welcome to the January 2021 highlights of the Brainster Community.     Company reimbursement guide 31% of all Brainster alumni are reimbursed by their employer for graduating a Bootcamp. We compiled a […]

Brainster Space: New home of the local Tech community

Brainster Space

Last Thursday, the Tech community in Skopje and wider got a new home — Brainster Space. And it is so much more than just that — it is the beginning of mutual progress and innovation for Tech companies and talents. Modern, urban, spacey (excuse the pun), futuristic… This new Tech hub is promising to be […]